The USS Palatine, one of the new Vesta-Class vessels, is assigned to a 5-year mission of exploration in the Typhon Expanse of the Beta Quadrant. Our focus is to create player-driven stories that deal with strange new life and new civilizations, to expand our knowledge of science and the galaxy we live in, and to delve into the moral and philosophical dilemmas that make Star Trek one of the pinnacles of science fiction. When our mission gets underway, Starfleet and the Federation aren't going to be within easy distance, and the crew is going to have to rely on their new ship and each other to succeed. With old enemies extending their influence into the region, as part of Task Force 93's Bastet Group, we will monitor Cardassian and Romulan actions in the Typhon Expanse as we push back the boundaries of known space.

Top Open Positions

Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Science Specialists - Want to get your sci-fi on? The Palatine is equipped with specialty science labs to suit your every mad experiment.

Current Mission

Preflight, Part 2

The ship is underway at last! Tests and trials begin, while the Palatine leaves Earth behind and heads towards Deep Space 10 - and their final stop in the Federation before facing the great unknown.

Latest News Items

» Let's Try That Again!

Posted on Mon Jun 4th, 2018 @ 4:30am by Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar in General News

Hello Crew!

As you might have heard in our Discord, I wound up in a second car accident while driving to an appointment for the first (not my fault, I swear!). Things have been a bit rough, but I'm back home now. Thank you to all for your well-wishes, and for the great activity and well-written posts that you've been putting out.

So what's all this mean for the Palatine sim? I'm going to do my best to fulfill my duties here as your CO and to abide by the standards we came up with together. I've had such fun starting this project and seeing it grow, and truly believe we have together what it takes to see Palatine become one of the most successful and best-written sims around!

At the same time, I know that my health has to come first. That being said, I've been in contact with the fleet and when and if I'm not able to fulfill my responsibilities as your CO I will make sure that this amazing group has the leadership it needs to continue to succeed.

Okay, so I'll be easing back into posting and admin here, and focusing on when we can begin our next and first big mission! Please feel free to contact me either on the site or through Discord to let me know how much time you feel you need to tie things up, if you need some help in getting story lines resolved, or if you've been waiting on me to tag you back for the last month or two lol!

-Oliver as
Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar
Commanding Officer
USS Palatine NCC-82603

» Rolling On

Posted on Fri Apr 27th, 2018 @ 9:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar in General News

Heya Crew!

Sorry for my absence. I got into a car accident last Friday, got home a couple of days ago, and have been out of commission since this afternoon on painkillers. I never knew they could be so...yeah...Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding, and most definitely your activity.

Anyways, moving on! Best news, always the best, is to announce new players on board! Please join me in welcoming our newest members:

Doctor Alexandra Alvarez and (also Doctor!) Lieutenant JG Rizena Virodin, glad to have you with us. Please see prior news items for our first World Building Contest if you're interested, and keep your eyes peeled for our next one soon to come. Glad to see you jumping right in!

Finally, thanks to Lieutenant...also Doctor...Ingram for stepping up while I was unexpectedly away. We wouldn't have the good posts still coming out, our new players, without your support. It is much appreciated mate.

We'll be rolling on with our Part 2 of Preflight as we welcome our new players on board. I humbly look forward to my small part in the resolution of the Forrest background posts, we have an inspection underway in engineering, tense meetings elsewhere, and more to come! Please feel free to let me know if you need any help or have any ideas - we may be slow in responding when trucks hit us but fortunately there aren't that many to worry about in space...

- Oliver as
Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar
Commanding Officer
USS Palatine NCC-82603

» April Update

Posted on Sat Apr 14th, 2018 @ 2:57am by Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar in General News

Hello Crew!

Wow, the last couple of months since this game started up have been a wild ride!

First off, my favorite kind of news, please welcome Chris, playing our new Chief Helmsman Lieutenant Jonathan Forrest (I'm sure Rodan is relieved you're here especially!). He's been sharing a lot of excellent background posts, definitely worth checking out!

Preflight Part 2 is on a very short pause, as this week has been incredibly busy for many of us, myself most definitely included. I'll be working with each department to begin some further mission JPs, shooting for Monday the 16th to move things along there, and looking forward to seeing the completion of some of the other posts in the works!

I'll be out of touch for most of this weekend, unable to post and with only a few chances to check our Discord channel. Please come up with lists hundreds of kilometers long of things that have to be taken care of immediately and present them to your grateful XO, I hear Ingram loves helping with the most minute of issues. :)

If anyone does need me, please feel free to reach out on Discord though and I'll do my best to get back to you at night. Have a great weekend all!

-Oliver as
Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar
Commanding Officer
USS Palatine NCC-82603

» Site Updates

Posted on Sat Apr 7th, 2018 @ 7:40pm by Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar in General News

Hello Crew,

With the help of T'Niam, I've figured out that people may not have been seeing the same thing I have been as the site is developing! Still learning the ins and outs of Nova ha ha!

I've reset the default skin to "Iona", though you may need to open the button at the top right-hand of the banner, and change your site preferences. Clearing the cache may be required as well (if you need to know how, reply to the news item with the browser you use and I can provide steps!).

Let me know if you positively hate it or love it too, and look out for more updates down the road.

-Oliver as
Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar
Commanding Officer
USS Palatine NCC-82603

» Countdown to Launch!

Posted on Mon Apr 2nd, 2018 @ 4:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar in General News

Hello crew!

We've closed our early briefing, dealing with the sabotage. Everyone should have some ideas on some further posts to come of that, easy JPs!

As we work on those, we've opened the launch JP thread as well. Chime in where you can, and let myself or Ingram know if you need some help.

The first stage of the wiki has been set up. Not much to it yet, save for our rules now posted for all to see, and the promise of many more links to come. Phew!

Great job everyone! We grew from 4 players at the start of February to our current 9, and a dozen posts! I'm continuously impressed by how much fun this has been. Keep up the great work!

That's all for now.


Latest Mission Posts

» Sins Of The Past

Mission: Preflight
Posted on Thu Jun 14th, 2018 @ 1:13am by Lieutenant JG Jonathan Forrest & Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar

Jonathan Forest didn't care for Space Stations, he'd spent too much of his life on them. He much preferred being on a ship, piloting a ship, where he could run towards, or in some cases away from an enemy. That did not mean he didn't know his way around one,…

» The Spirit of Co-operation (Won't Give You a Hangover)

Mission: Preflight
Posted on Mon Jun 11th, 2018 @ 4:37am by Lieutenant Meilin Jiang & Ensign T'Niam

T'Niam strode towards her office, brisk yet graceful in the bright light of the Palatine's corridors. The Vulcan nodded politely at those she passed, mentally reviewing her list of tasks to complete for her shift. The crew was complying with T'Niam's mission with varying degrees of reluctance, disinterest, or curiosity.…

» Mission JP - Rogue's Gallery

Mission: Preflight
Posted on Sun Jun 10th, 2018 @ 12:40pm by Lieutenant Benjamin Ingram Dr & Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar & Lieutenant Meilin Jiang & Lieutenant Marcus Aurilieus


Instead of making the busy officers of the Palatine come see him up on the bridge or in the official briefing room, Lakar had arranged for him and Lieutenant Ingram to come to Deck 9 instead. This was Security's deck, the heart of their work, where they trained, honing…

» Mission JP - Surprise Inspection

Mission: Preflight
Posted on Mon Jun 4th, 2018 @ 4:00am by Lieutenant Mara Ricci & Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar & Lieutenant Benjamin Ingram Dr & Chief Petty Officer Corbin Reece


As part of their on-going efforts to observe and test the new crew, the Palatine's CO and XO strode through the heavy blast doors to Main Engineering just forty minutes after the start of Alpha Shift. Unlike some of their other meetings, however, this one hadn't been announced.


» Beneath the Surface

Mission: Preflight
Posted on Wed May 30th, 2018 @ 10:27pm by Alexandra Alvarez PhD

The feel of the water rising to encompass her always had the same effect on Alexandra, a combination of the primal, evolutionary panic that told her she couldn’t breathe followed by the wash of relief as she realised that she could. Each breath was steady as she dropped into the…