Let's Try That Again!

Posted on Mon Jun 4th, 2018 @ 4:30am by

Hello Crew!

As you might have heard in our Discord, I wound up in a second car accident while driving to an appointment for the first (not my fault, I swear!). Things have been a bit rough, but I'm back home now. Thank you to all for your well-wishes, and for the great activity and well-written posts that you've been putting out.

So what's all this mean for the Palatine sim? I'm going to do my best to fulfill my duties here as your CO and to abide by the standards we came up with together. I've had such fun starting this project and seeing it grow, and truly believe we have together what it takes to see Palatine become one of the most successful and best-written sims around!

At the same time, I know that my health has to come first. That being said, I've been in contact with the fleet and when and if I'm not able to fulfill my responsibilities as your CO I will make sure that this amazing group has the leadership it needs to continue to succeed.

Okay, so I'll be easing back into posting and admin here, and focusing on when we can begin our next and first big mission! Please feel free to contact me either on the site or through Discord to let me know how much time you feel you need to tie things up, if you need some help in getting story lines resolved, or if you've been waiting on me to tag you back for the last month or two lol!

-Oliver as
Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar
Commanding Officer
USS Palatine NCC-82603



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