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Founding Members, Part V

Posted on Sun Mar 25th, 2018 @ 3:19pm by

Hello crew!

It is my pleasure to welcome aboard our newest players!

Our Chief of Intelligence, hailing from Magna Roma, is Marcus Aurilieus, played by Derek.

We have a new XO, Doctor Benjamin Ingram, played by Andrew, but don't expect him to be as friendly as a Riker!

Last, but not least, Cas has joined us as T'Niam, taking up the unique position of Science Time Lead - Counselor.

Welcome aboard all!

We'll be wrapping up a minor sabotage plot in the next couple of days, with the launch of the ship planned for the beginning of April. Now is a great time to post your character reporting for duty, updating their physical with Medical, tying up loose ends before we depart, or jumping right into their jobs!

Looking forward to the stories we'll tell together!

-Oliver as
Lieutenant Commander Aalux Lakar
Commanding Officer
USS Palatine NCC-82603


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