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Rodan Marus

Name Rodan ir-Qualor Marus

Position Science Team Lead - Theoretical Propulsion

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 170 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown and Straggly
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Rodan's skin color lacks the more common grey and green hues, instead he'd almost pass for Human if it wasn't for his noticeably pointy ears and subtle cranial ridges. He also wear's his hair longer and looser than the Romulan cultural norm, and without the v-cut on the forehead, typically just brushing (if you can call it that) it back with his hands. When asked about his straggly hair, he sometimes shrugs and quips: "I'm a nice guy, I let it go where it wants."


Spouse None
Children None
Father Llhran Marus
Mother Vriha Marus
Brother(s) Dhiemn tr'Raith
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grandmother and several aunts, uncles and cousins in Qualor City.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kind and shy but endeavoring to overcome his shyness. Rodan is highly motivated and reliable but undisciplined, he'll show up to his shift on time (or early and work late) and work hard, but has no use for "Yes Sirs", salutes, the uniform code, etc... preferring a more personal relaxed environment. He also prefers theoretical or computer work to crawling in jefferies tubes and getting his hands dirty.
Strengths Focused
Hard worker
Superior strength
Excellent aim
Weaknesses Introvert
Perfectionist (leads to difficulty delegating or moving to the next task)
Slow reflexes
Poor health (low endurance, resistance and recovery)
Ambitions Development of Quantum slipstream/transwarp drive or other significantly faster propulsion.
Hobbies & Interests Holoprogramming
Romulan (& Vulcan) History
Languages Romulan, Federation Standard (English), Vulcan
Sexuality Heterosexual


Personal History Qualor III, the diplomatic experiment, Federation and Romulan citizens living side by side, well sort of... Mostly the Romulans kept to themselves in their own communities. A few however were more adventurous, living in primarily Federation cities, Rodan's clan was among them, living in Qualor City home to over half a million Federation citizens, and less than a 1000 Romulans. But even here, they mostly separated themselves, like China Town in old Earth cities. Rodan grew up in a small farming community just outside Qualor City, his parents wanting to live surrounded by nature rather than the city, they visited the city often though, most of the clan lived there, and there were many things unavailable in their little town. Consequently Rodan was far more used to seeing and interacting with aliens than most Romulans and his family was unusually open minded regarding them. Additionally, Rodan was bullied as a child by more traditional Romulans, his was a minor clan and their members often lacked the propensity for violence often resulting from Romulan passions. He developed extreme dislike of aggression, violence and deception and withdrew inward, spending much time alone, further isolating himself from the more typical xenophobic aggressive Romulans.

It was in his time alone, that Rodan developed an interest in spacial mechanics and faster than light propulsion and he immersed himself in everything he could get on the subject. From time to time, his father Llhran, a local transport pilot, would take Rodan with him, sometimes letting Rodan take the controls. It was in this way Rodan learned piloting. Likewise, Llhran would often have Rodan assist him, fixing, building, whatever needed doing. Llhran was something of an unofficial engineer and Rodan learned much from him. But while he enjoyed spending time with his father, Rodan always returned to his passion for propulsion theory and design, it consumed him and he'd spent countless hours at it, long before his real career started. Eventually, it became difficult to find any person or resource to add to his knowledge and understanding of the subject. All the current designs were classified, both Romulan and Federation, however old Federation designs and notes were easier to come by. To progress further, he'd need resources, unavailable at present, but the thought of being conscripted by the Navy or under constant scrutiny in a Romulan science laboratory was unappealing. A consequence of life in Qualor City, was awareness of the differences in freedoms of the two societies, and he desired freedom, he was accustomed to it and didn't want to give it up.

The decision was not an easy one, there were a lot of things to consider, however he eventually submitted his application to the Daystrom Institute College of Technology on Mars. The application process was lengthy, given his unusual citizenship and security concerns, but he was eventually accepted. Moving to Mars wasn't all that difficult, most of what he considered important was data, and whether home or abroad he mostly kept to himself. Rodan promised to call home, but he was too wrapped up in is studies, usually it was his mom who called him on subspace. He graduated from an accelerated program in just one year, learning little more in his specialty, but rounding out his skills and highly impressing most of his professors. Afterwards Rodan joined the Daystrom Institute's Research Division on Earth, Department of Warp Propulsion. For his first year, he was under probation, without access to the more sensitive propulsion research and designs. However, he used the time to develop his holoprogramming skills, useful in simulating and testing new designs and ideas, before committing them to live trials.

Eventually, it was determined he wasn't a serious security risk and doors began to open, and at the age of 23 Rodan's real career started. In the Earth year 2373 he joined the Daystrom Institute's Transwarp Research Team. The next 5 years were very interesting, several new theories and technologies from the Voyager mission, brought new life to the research and the team expanded with Rodan at the heart of it all, absorbing, learning, theorizing and designing. This was what he was born for. The next 9 years were very busy, culminating in several experiments of varying fruitfulness. And he divided his time between the Daystrom Institute, McKinley Station and the Utopia Planitia Shipyards on Mars. Then in 2387 the Hobus star exploded destroying several Romulan worlds including the homeworld. Later the Empire ordered the evacuation of Qualor III. Rodan wasn't particularly close to his Romulan brethren, however he was still shaken by the events, and he took a few months off to visit his family
on Qualor III, most of whom had chosen not to leave their home and were now under Federation jurisdiction like himself. When he returned to Earth, Starfleet Security had some questions for him, but he wasn't under nearly as much scrutiny as his first years on Earth and Mars, they seemed to trust him now.

Rodan's latest assignment, the chance to test some of his theories and designs out on one the newest ships, he jumped at the opportunity when it was presented to him. 5 years was nothing, it didn't matter where he was so long as he could continue his work. Who knows it might even be interesting to look out a window and see something entirely new from time to time. The real worry was living and working almost exclusively with Starfleet personnel. The ones he'd met and worked with before hadn't been bad, but it was always a temporary assignment, and he'd go home at the end of the day. Rodan hopped they wouldn't be too formal and stuffy and he could make a few friends. At least being a research vessel, he'll be among other researchers, that should make it easier to fit in, even if they're Starfleet.
Starfleet History Civilian Propulsion Researcher
(Former Romulan citizen and did not attend Starfleet Academy)
Service Record Born in the Earth year 2350 on Qualor III
2350-2370 Romulan citizen of Qualor III
2370-2371 Attended of Daystrom Institute, College of Technology on Mars
2371 Earned Bachelor of Science with Honors in Subspace Physics
2371-2373 Daystrom Institute Research Division on Earth, Department of Warp Propulsion
2373 Federation Citizenship
2373-2378 Daystrom Institute Research Division on Earth and Mars, Transwarp Research Team
2378-2389 Daystrom Institute Research Division on Earth and Mars, Quantum Slipstream Research Team

Starfleet Personnel File

Serial Number CivIDent - GB-GYS-159
Security Clearence Level 5
Quarters Assignment Deck 5, Cabin 5-247 - Single Occupancy
Duty Shift Alpha