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Alexandra Alvarez

Name Alexandra Clara Alvarez PhD

Position Second Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran/Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6
Weight 135lb
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Someone easily overlooked in a crowd, Alexandra is small and does not immediately draw people's attention. Yet she more than makes up for this with her open and friendly mannerisms and her easy laugh. Although half-Bajoran, she shows no physical features of one, with the exception of a small mark on the bridge of her nose.

As a civilian member of the crew, she does not wear the Starfleet uniform. Instead her choice of clothing is more traditional, often opting for loose-fitting blouses and trousers, that give her an air of comfortable formality. She does not wear a Bajoran earring.


Spouse Ex-husband, Cmdr. Sabiin Nasaar (34)
Father Dr. Alexander Alvarez (68)
Mother Dr. Jara Maru (71)
Sister(s) Nora Alvarez (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexandra's reputation for being care-free and easy-going are well-deserved, and even those who know her superficially have commented on her easy smile and infectious laugh. She has long been known in the diplomatic core as someone not easily rattled, reacting to crises with a remarkably dark and sardonic sense of humour, that has put people off. She does not take arrogance or laziness passively, often calling people out on both faults and not being afraid to speak her mind. This friendly and open persona hides the soul of a calculated introvert, someone constantly watching and calculating the behaviour of herself and others. Passionate about her work, she is often consumed by it, forgetting to eat in order to work on matters of foreign policy.
Strengths Her ability with people is not something that is innate, but rather something that has developed as a compensation for her deep introversion, yet now, in her mid-thirties, it is one of her genuine strengths. She is good at drawing people out and putting herself aside during negotiations, yet frequently gets her way regardless. She is fiercely intelligent, knowledgeable in history, politics, and anthropology, and is a linguaphile who enjoys learning new things at every opportunity.
Weaknesses Prone to overwork, Alexandra often neglects her personal relationships and frequently needs reminding of their importance, something that led to the end of her marriage. She has a dark and sardonic sense of humour that is not always appreciated. While working on Starfleet vessels, her lack of natural deference to anyone and lack of experience in a strictly-regimented system like Starfleet means that she is not always seen to behave appropriately. Her over-confidence hides significant childhood trauma which brought on a deep sense of unworthiness and mistrust, leading to her significant social intelligence as well as a desire to rarely open up to others.
Ambitions A consummate explorer, Alexandra thrives when placed in unusual circumstances that allow her to expand her knowledge or that offer a genuine challenge. Although she has achieved much in her career, she continues to enjoy her work, perhaps too much so. She has always dreamed of heading a genuine first contact expedition, but has yet to do so.
Hobbies & Interests When not at work, Alexandra enjoys exercise on the holodeck (hiking or diving in the wildernesses of Bajor being particular favourites), and has recently taken up Romulan martial arts; she can frequently be found training on the holodeck and is always looking for new sparring partners.

In her down time, she reads copiously and enjoys the classical music of ancient Earth. She also has a particular taste for good foods and fine spirits (which developed while studying in St. Andrews, Scotland) and she is always keen to try new dishes, preferring to share them with a small group of friends alongside comfortable conversation.
Languages Bajoran, Federation Standard, Spanish, Cardassian, Betazoid, Romulan.
Sexuality Bisexual


Personal History Born to a Bajoran mother and a human father on Bajor during the occupation, Alexandra had an unusual upbringing that blended the hardship of Bajor with the utopian ease of Earth. Although a physicist by trade, Alexandra's father (for whom she was named) arrived on Bajor as a member of a humanitarian organisation dedicated to helping where the Federation could not. Alexandra and her younger sister, Nora, were born while he worked in a refugee camp in Tozhat Province to the humanitarian father and a medically-trained mother. In the camp they experienced extreme hardship and persecution, often being targeted by the Bajoran refugees who saw the half-humans as taking away what little they had themselves. The sisters grew very close, Alexandra often left to care for her younger sister while the parents did what they could in the camp. The extreme danger of their situation came to a head when Alexandra was six; she and Nora having been caught playing by a restricted river, a group of Cardassian soldiers beat the girls almost beyond recognition. Found unconscious just outside the camp, they were quickly brought to their mother, who personally ministered to the girls. Unfortunately, while Alexandra recovered quickly, Nora continued to struggle, finally dying after almost four months.

This drove the parents to seek an alternate for their surviving child, managing to connect with the resistence who helped the family escape to Federation space. Settling in the relative utopia of 24th century Nicaragua, Alexandra adjusted quickly, adopting her human heritage along with both Federation Standard and Spanish with ease. Her parents continued to keep her Bajoran alive in the home, but very quickly Alexandra had given up many of her childhood beliefs, including her faith in the Prophets. While on Earth, her mother formalized her own medical training while her father continued to campaign for greater attention to the hardships of the Bajoran people. Although shy, Alexandra's intelligence distinguished her in her education, driving both parents to encourage her scientific interests. Nevertheless, her interest continued to lie in history, anthropology, and linguistics. Despite her easy adaptation, the young girl continued to struggle with both introversion and increasingly traumatic nightmares of her time on Bajor, a time that she rarely acknowledged. She was eventually treated by Federation counselling services, who both helped her deal with her early trauma, her guilt about her sister's death, and her introversion; this began her lifelong interest in social structures and personal politics.

Once the occupation came to an end, her family chose to return with her to Bajor, continuing her education at a distance while her parents encouraged her to participate in the rebuilding of her home planet. Now fifteen, Alexandra's readjustment to Bajor was difficult, coming as it did with harsh memories of ill-treatment. Yet in the wake of peace and with the invitation of Starfleet to oversee from their position at Deep Space Nine, both she and her father were more easily accepted. Alexandra soon found herself useful, assisting in the refugee camps to distribute food, clothing, and to provide a basic education to the orphans in the Tozhat Resettlement Centre. While there, Alexandra's interest in intercultural relationships and anthropology only grew as she experienced her own culture as an outsider. Her father was particularly positive about her work, encouraging her to continue her education as a teacher and remain on Bajor to assist further.

Yet her mother was more understanding, seeing Alexandra's particular interest in the social and political situation of the planet, and encouraged her to pursue her own interests, leading her to apply to the Anthropology Department in Scotland on Earth. Separated from her family for the first time, Alexandra thrived in the university setting, excelling in her studies as she continued to explore her interpersonal skills. While in Scotland, she did all she could to see the country, spending her holidays hiking the countryside.

Although active socially, it was not until her role with the Cardassian Negotiation Team when she began her first serious relationship with a fellow Ambassador, Phaedra Samoy. For almost two years they were inseparable, working closely together and spending much of their off-hours exploring Cardassia Prime, two of the first humans to do so. Alexandra's parents loved the young woman as an ideal companion for their daughter, yet the two were finally far too similar for things to work. As the efforts of the team began to collapse, with growing rumour that they would be recalled before a lasting and comprehensive treaty could be established, their relationship began to struggle as well, finally becoming evident that it was not something that would last beyond their time on Cardassia Prime. Nevertheless, the two parted well and continue to share a close friendship.

While on the Georgiou, she first met Commander Nasaar, a Betazoid XO with whom Alexandra immediately clashed. The very opposite of Phaedra, Sabiin was a man dedicated to the strategic side of Starfleet, something that did not sit well with Alexandra's orientation towards peaceful co-existence. Yet the two connected as similar spirits, both honest to a fault and fully willing to call each other out on their faults. After a delicate negotiation in the Gamma Quadrant saw the two working closely together, an obvious attraction developed, and the two soon became involved. Their relationship was a passionate one and one which she would later categorise as the most pleasant mistake of her life.

After two years together, they were married and when he was re-assigned to Betazed a year later, Alexandra chose to take a leave of absence in order to pursue her own further education and follow her husband. However, Sabiin's ambitions were aimed solely at a captaincy, and after two years of Alexandra's PhD study he returned to duty, this time taking command of his own vessel.

Yet as their individual careers thrived, her personal life struggled, she and the-now-Captain Nasaar grew apart. Following her temporary assignment to Romulus, Alexandra requested transfer to his ship, the USS Semiramis. The reunion was bumpy for the Ambassador and her husband, and although it continued to demonstrate dramatic ups-and-downs, it was equally clear that the two had never been well-suited.

When she returned suddenly to the Neutral Zone, transferring away from the USS Semiramis, it became clear to both that the relationship was over and after a year apart Alexandra honoured Sabiin's request for divorce so that he could marry again.

Surprisingly, this separation was not overly traumatic for Alexandra, who found herself more-and-more consumed by her work. When Starfleet offered her a position on the USS Palatine for a five-year mission, it seemed an ideal opportunity and happily accepted, despite the long absence from home.
Starfleet History Alexandra's involvement with the Federation Diplomatic Core began while still studyign at the University of St. Andrews, when she was recommended by a professor to serve as Page to the FDO General Assembly. In this position she easily impressed her superiors with her efficient work ethic, high intelligence, and friendly manner, leading to an immediate invitation upon graduation to join the Core. Due to her heritage and experience on Bajor, as well as her skills in linguistics, she was welcomed to the Team assigned to negotiate a treaty with Cardassia following the end of the Dominion War.

Alexandra's three years with the Federation Ambassador to Cardassia Prime was one of particular personal and professional growth, seeing her quickly rise to the position of assistant to the Ambassador. Although the team was small, it was lively and the group became closely-knit. Yet as negotiations continued, it became clear that a lasting and sustainable treaty with the new Cardassian Government would not come to pass, and after three years the team was recalled.

The ten years that followed brought a series of assignments to both Starfleet vessels and embassies throughout the Federation, but Alexandra continued to show her strengths in the position of ambassador, working to strengthen relationships both in- and outside of the Federation.

After her marriage to Commander Nasaar, the Ambassador chose to take a leave of absence from the FDO, choosing instead to pursue her doctorate at the University of Rixx on Sabiin's home planet. After the attempted Reman coup d'etat, Alexandra had become increasingly interested in the political situation on Romulus, choosing to focus her work on the history and politics of the isolated empire. After her husband's return to the fleet, she accepted an offer to return to the Diplomatic Core as a member of the Negotiating Team to Romulus. In this period she spent significant periods in transit between the Romulan Neutral Zone, Earth, and Betazed, splitting her time between work on a treaty with the newly-elected Romulan Senate, and working on her own dissertation regarding the political future of Romulus and the Federation.

Upon completion of her dissertation and invitation from the Romulan Senate to head the first formal Embassy to Romulus, she continued to dedicate herself to her work. Her time on Romulus was very different from that on Cardassia, the period marred by constant observation and pervasive paranoia. Although well-educated in Romulan history and culture, the air of secrecy ran counter to her personal instincts which was dedicated to creating bridges. When her six months on Romulus came to a close, she rejected the invitation to remain, requesting instead to be transferred to her husband's ship, USS Semiramis, a choice that would incidentally save her life.

Nevertheless, the ship was stationed in Beta Quadrant which allowed her to continue advising the Romulan Ambassador in an unofficial capacity. When she received news of the planet's unexpected destruction, Ambassador Alvarez was left one of the only remaining experts on Romulan interstellar policy within the Federation, immediately reassigned to the Neutral Zone. Despite hope that the surviving Romulan Senators would lead the charge in re-homing refugees, their slaughter at the hands of Nero left a power vaccuum. From their limited position near the Neutral Zone, the Diplomatic Core did what they could, co-ordinating humanitarian aid and assisting in what little capacity they could.

This action was a defining moment in the Ambassador's career, it was a period of intense and concentrated work, and the team members were later awarded the Starfleet Medal of Valor for their efforts. Increased in-fighting amongst the surviving Romulan powers and the onset of civil war saw an end to the control of the Diplomatic Core and an increased military presence.

With the close to Ambassador Alvarez's work in the Neutral Zone, she was transferred to the USS Palatine, on five-year assignment to the Typhon Expanse, with the hopes that her combined experience with both Romulus and Cardassia would prove beneficial to the ship's work.
Service Record 2371: Entrance to University of St. Andrews, Scotland, Earth
2375: Graduation with Joint BA in Interstellar Politics and Psychology, Minor in Anthropology
Entrance to Federation Diplomatic Core, assigned Cardassian Negotiation Team
2378: Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Georgiou
2380: Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Georgiou
2381: Leave of absence from Federation Diplomatic Corp
Entrance to University of Rixx, Betazed
2383: Return to Federation Diplomatic Corp as Co-Ambassador in charge of the Romulan Negotiating Team
2384: Graduation as Doctor of Political Science
Promotion to Ambassador to Romulus, Six-Month Assignment
2387: Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Semiramis
Temporary assignment to Romulan Neutral Zone
2389: Chief Diplomatic Officer, USS Palatine

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