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Lieutenant Ayumi Yoshida

Name Ayumi Yoshida

Position Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Science Team Lead - Medical

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3''
Weight 130 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Proud and stubborn are the two most prominent adjectives used to describe Ayumi. She stands just shy of five and a half feet, lithe and lean and toned by years of physical endurance as the child of a StarFleet biologist and engineer. Her skin is fair and features elegant -- a reflection of her asian heritage -- but those brown eyes are all her father's. She keeps her black hair long and often braided or curled into a neat bun.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Where her mother was quiet and thoughtful, even shy at times, Ayumi embraces the spirit of her father, who was an adventurer at heart, daring and spirited. He had a cavalier attitude, reminiscent of those Wild West movies that Ayumi would watch with him as a little girl. It's those sorts of memories that she looks upon for inspiration during times of duress, when sheer stubbornness fails to do the job.

She is often thought of by her peers as having "a guarded heart, charming wit, and the charisma of a fierce Klingon." A fiercely loyal friend and individual, she serves the Federation with a passion that borders on fanatic, firmly believing in its cause and ideology.

She is typically upbeat, sociable, and physically active -- never sitting still for longer than a moment, and always craving excitement. But there are times where she prefers to relax in a quieter environment, enjoying one of many surprising hobbies that wouldn't be assumed of this sarcastic, quick-witted woman.
Strengths Decisive:
+ She can act confidently in the midst of chaos.
- She does not sometimes take other perspectives into consideration.

+ You can trust that any tasks are completed to perfection.
- With being so thorough comes the downside that she can often get 'hung up' on the smaller details.

+ Receptive to the wants and needs of her patients.
- Excessive whining and crying drives her up the wall and often brings out the coarser side of her otherwise quirky bedside manner.
Ambitions Her ambitions are many, but her one true desire is to be a forefront pioneer of the medical and scientific industry.
Hobbies & Interests Likes include Earth folk music, dancing, painting, literature (poems especially), reading, drinking, being around others, and her career. Food holds a special place in her heart, particularly if it's sweets, treats, and fine delicacies from across the galaxy.

Dislikes are varied: idiots (by her standards), solitude, heights, poor hygiene, and being touched by strangers.
Sexuality Heterosexual


Personal History Born the accidental love child between an American biologist and Japanese engineer, Ayumi’s life first began on a StarFleet research facility in orbit above a previously unexplored planet filled with fungal goodies. Her childhood was spent wandering and wondering, dreaming of journeys to the surface of what looked — to her child’s eye — a place of beauty, although the planet itself had a volatile atmosphere and little to no oxygen for the away teams that were regularly shuttled to its surface.

But rather than walk the planet, she was offered something better — the opportunity to explore the galaxy, as her parents moved between postings regularly, shuttled from one space station to the next as needs dictated. She lived a transient life, never calling one place home for more than a few years.

It came as no surprise then, after growing up around StarFleet, that Ayumi applied to the academy on Earth once she came of age to do so. It came as no second surprise that she was accepted; her mother’s quiet and observant nature, with her father’s exuberance for exploring the unknown, had given her the skills and knowledge necessary to more than succeed the requirements. But rather than follow in either of their footsteps, as biologist or engineer, Ayumi found her fascination with bio-engineering — a delicate balance between her parents’ careers.

Upon graduation, her first official assignment was with USS Mako as a biomedical engineer, sciences division and crewman first class.

Following three years with the Mako, Ayumi requested a transfer to a Federation outpost, where she took the opportunity to further hone her skills and knowledge with first hand experience on the warfront. Here is where she learned more medical expertise, which later came in handy aboard the USS Aegir.

On the Aegir, she served as medical officer, Lieutenant JG. Following that was USS Cassiopeia, on which she served as their CMO — though her still thriving fascination with scientific discovery meant she also aided the science division when needed (and sometimes even when not).

She was most comfortable on the Cassiopeia, being allowed to satisfy all her interests, but as always: her migratory lifestyle meant she eventually itched for something else, and that certain something was USS Palatine. An explorer’s dream, a journey to a yet unexplored region of space… It made her all but salivate at the thought.

And so, as with everything else, she sought with determination to secure herself a posting on the newly commissioned starship.

Starfleet Personnel File

Serial Number DK-165-946
Security Clearence Level 8
Quarters Assignment Deck 2, Cabin 2-015 - Single Occupancy
Duty Shift Alpha