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Warrant Officer Sarish Anjar

Name Sarish Anjar

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 160 lbs/73 kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Anjar will never be the most imposing person in any given room. At 5'10", he's still a respectable height but he doesn't tower over anyone. His body language is quite unassuming - relaxed and calm, moving with a bone-deep assurance that doesn't require him to show off or draw attention. His build is broad-shouldered, taut and wiry, sinewy and lean beneath naturally brown skin. He's a runner, not a slab of beef. Anjar has an appealing face with a strong jaw, full lips, thick eyebrows and a widow's peak at his hairline. His black hair is thick and worn a little longer than the average, giving it a windswept quality when he gets out of bed. Anjar's personal fashion sense tends towards casual. Human-style T-shirts and fitted pants are a staple in his wardrobe, along with sneakers and boots.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Captain Sarish Yobra
Mother Commodore Sarish Larjeas
Brother(s) Sarish Mellik (older, deceased)
Sarish Kenjae (older)
Sister(s) None
Other Family Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anjar is the type of person who looks before he leaps. From a young age he has been rather quiet in public spaces, preferring to watch and listen than dive into conversations that he's not ready to contribute to. He thinks before he speaks, weighing his words, knowing language to be a powerful tool. Even the way he moves in a given situation is considered, tailored to his situation. As the child of diplomats, one learns early that body language is so varied among species that it should never be ignored, and the smallest things can be misconstrued in the wrong company. He's cautious, with a level head on his shoulders and a good set of instincts for danger and bullshit. He trusts his own skills and judgement, and in a crisis he's calm and collected. He's meticulous and methodical, and perhaps a little bit mechanical when everything goes to hell. It's like he switches some part of himself off and it only resurfaces once everything has calmed down and he has a chance to be alone and regroup.

He's an adaptable man, able to make himself at home in most settings without too much effort. Anjar is quite open to tactile contact, willing to hug or give someone a companionable clap on the shoulder, but he treats everyone with the same easy physicality. It's his way of building a bridge past his own reserve. On his own, with those he is comfortable with, he's much more relaxed and even a little mischievous, though as he's gotten older he has also become more cynical. He's learned too much about how want and need drives people to believe someone is acting without an agenda. Is it a harmful agenda? Probably not for most people, but everyone has an endgame. Even him. No-one is ever safe, that's the lesson his people learned from the Occupation. Everything you have could be taken away at any time, and Anjar becomes uneasy if things are peaceful for too long. It's the calm before the storm.

Left to his own devices, Anjar has a slightly dark sense of humour, a cheeky smile, and a habit of admiring beauty. Like the house he lived in on Earth, beautiful things should be cherished but they are also fleeting. He's inclined to go with the moment when it's safe to do so because things could be gone in a heartbeat. It's not unusual to find him watching nebulas from a viewport, lost in his own head as he lets the events of the day, night, week, or month settle. Anjar is an introvert, and needs the solitude of his own thoughts at times to regain his equilibrium. He doesn't telegraph what's going on in his head. He keeps his own counsel for the most part unless he's playing to an audience. The only thing he appreciates openly with no hesitation is food. He likes trying new cuisines, no matter how outlandish they may appear, and loves blue steak.

Spirituality is a strange thing for him. He was raised with a combination of faith and science. He believes in the Prophets, but he sees no reason why they can't be wormhole aliens as well as the spiritual guides of his people. The form of a being is not all it is, just like his nose doesn't define all that he is. It's a metaphor for his whole life - he feels he's never really belonged anywhere, having moved so much throughout his youth. He's a mish-mash of differing cultural mores and languages. He's picked up pieces of himself from all over the Federation, and while Anjar thinks it gives him a good perspective, it also makes it hard to fit in.
Strengths Anjar is extremely observant and organised. He's very task-oriented, but also has a very good sense of timing which is crucial in his role. There's a difference between procrastination and patience, particularly in sensitive situations. When he's not under any kind of time pressure, he works steadily and thoroughly, preferring to be done with his to-do list early, which then enables him to attend to unexpected matters without being worried about his workload. He picks out details in every room he's in - exits, faces, clothing, weaknesses. He has an amazing poker face. His ability to stay calm when everything is falling apart around him has saved his skin in several instances, though it can also make him seem unsympathetic. He genuinely likes his work, but the inherent dangers are a steep price to pay. He's very good with languages, having learned several during his childhood, and picks them up quickly.
Weaknesses Anjar can come across as a little over-cautious. He likes having a clear view of his surroundings and a steel wall at his back so no-one can sneak up on him without the aid of a transporter (he learned that lesson the hard way). His habit of being a bit emotionally closed-off can make it very hard for him to develop meaningful relationships with people, though the desire is still there. He doesn't entirely trust people these days and for the most part they only reinforce his world view. He's a neat freak, and doesn't like people messing up his space, be it his work console or his quarters. He's been alone long enough to become a little territorial and accustomed to solitude.
Ambitions Anjar still dreams of having his own ship occasionally, but he questions whether he's cut out for that kind of responsibility. It's more fleeting fantasy than actual goal. To be honest, he's still a little bit adrift.
Hobbies & Interests Having lived on several worlds, Anjar has picked up bits and pieces from all of them. He plays the games of soccer and dom-jot. He practices Vulcan martial-arts, particularly Suus Mahna as his preferred fighting style, and he goes running when he needs to think. Anjar has completely unpredictable and arguably weird taste in music, and can often be found strumming on a Terran guitar. He also learned flair bartending for a mission once, and it amuses him to keep it up since he rarely drinks.
Languages Quite a few, let's put it that way.
Sexuality Homosexual


Personal History Sarish Yobra and Larjeas were children of the Bajoran Occupation. Though they managed to escape Bajor, they lived on the refugee colony of Valo II where the Bajorans struggled to survive. Yobra and Larjeas were eking out an existence there until the death of their son, Mellik, who was killed in a bombing aimed at Cardassians. It was at that point that they put everything they had into leaving Valo II. Yobra and Larjeas were accepted to Starfleet Academy in 2361, the pair undertaking their education at the Psi Upsilon III annex. They had their second child, Kenjae, while they were studying and graduated in 2365. They entered the diplomatic corps, determined that no world would be without allies as Bajor had been. Their third child, Anjar, was born in 2366 on Antica, a world applying for Federation membership.

Over the course of his childhood, his parents had several postings. Anjar lived on Antica until he was four (2370), then Vulcan until he was seven (2373), Qo'noS until he was eleven (2377), Nausicaa until he was fourteen (2380), and then Earth. In the tradition of true military brats, Kenjae and Anjar got used to moving around, and became experts at being 'the new kids' everywhere they went. The culture shock going from one world to another was often challenging, and the boys learned to really only depend on each other. Their parents were… not unaware, but busy. They provided everything they could, everything they felt their sons needed - nice homes full of art and technology, which were rather museum-like in their atmosphere. The Dominion War raged through the galaxy, and Anjar's parents were either not home or talking about the war, often unaware their sons could hear them. It was a lonely way for two boys to grow up.

The posting on Earth was the most stable home Anjar had ever known. He was put into Mission High School, where he was able to get his feet under him quickly, while Kenjae attended the Pennington School. Kenjae had no intention of entering Starfleet, while that was Anjar's greatest wish. His parents had always seemed like heroes to him, and he wished to follow in their footsteps. Anjar excelled academically, and began adding extracurricular activities such as sport and debating at his parents' insistence. Yobra and Larjeas remained dedicated to their duties, and parented in a rather formal manner. Dinners were quiet, at a large table that kept everyone at a distance. Discussions were short and focused on grades and achievements, not how someone's day had been.

Perhaps this is why he took so readily to a Human boy named Jonathan Forrest. Anjar was a goalkeeper on the soccer team and met Jonathan at practice. He offered Anjar a ride and they hit it off so well that Anjar invited Jonathan home for dinner. Maybe it was forward to introduce a boy to his parents on the first date but Anjar didn't care. He fell head over heels in love with Jonathan and they were together right up until a month before graduation. Anjar was sixteen years old when Bajor became a Federation member world in 2382 and Anjar's parents wept. Jonathan decided he wanted to study off-planet while Anjar wanted to stay in San Francisco with his family. The disparity was so great neither of them could see a way around it, and Anjar decided to break up with Jonathan rather than try to cling to a long-distance relationship that would never be enough for either of them. After an altercation between Jonathan and a boy named Xavier at their high school graduation party, which took place at the Forrest-Samuels residence, Anjar broke off contact with Jonathan and left immediately for the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program during the summer.

Initially broken-hearted, Anjar pursued several one-night stands and aborted attempts at dating but gave up. He threw himself into his studies instead. It was here that he truly found the strength to move on, though not in the manner he originally thought he would. He began undertaking his courses, and he enjoyed them but xenolinguistics, advanced computing and combat classes had him spellbound - they took the shine off his ideas of being a diplomat. After some serious thought and the realization that being a diplomat didn't make him excited anymore, he told his parents he was switching tracks after his first year. It didn't go well. Yobra and Larjeas had a very defined idea of what Anjar's future would be, and intelligence track was not it. They continually pressured him to conform, and eventually their relationship became strained to the point that Anjar almost stopped talking to them.

He had his first serious boyfriend after Jonathan in late second year, a South American man named Elias Fuentes who was on the medical track. They were together for seven months before Anjar broke it off midway through third year, feeling smothered by how fast Elias was moving. By that stage, Anjar could see the end of his Academy tenure in sight and he applied to Starfleet Intelligence, who already had their eye on him. He graduated with honours. His parents notably did not attend the ceremony. He was accepted to Starfleet Intelligence and over the course of the next two years he had several short, passionate affairs that burned bright and then burned out. His job was his first priority, and Anjar hit the ground running.
Starfleet History Anjar entered Starfleet in 2383 after passing the Starfleet Entrance Exams on his first attempt. He was initially on a diplomatic track, but exposure to combat and tactical classes, as well as xenolinguistic studies appealed to him and he changed his track to Intelligence after the first year. He impressed his instructors and maintained a high GPA throughout his training. In his third year Anjar was assigned to Red Squad, an elite group of cadets that received special classes and advanced field training. Anjar graduated in 2387 with honours and had impressed quite a few people with his ability to operate independently, particularly as part of Red Squad. He pre-emptively applied to Starfleet Intelligence pending his graduation, and was accepted. He was an analyst to begin with, but he had his eye on field operations and worked towards it for twelve months. His drive and wits finally got him a leg-up and he was pulled into a mission to [REDACTED] as a last-minute replacement for an agent who had been incapacitated. After this, he was promoted to field operative and assigned to [REDACTED].
Service Record 2383 - 2387 - Cadet - Starfleet WO training, Earth

2387 - 2388 - Starfleet Intelligence, Bajoran sector

2388 - 2388 - [REDACTED]

2388 - 2389 - [REDACTED]

2389 - USS Palatine

Starfleet Personnel File

Serial Number SB-090-128
Security Clearence Level 6
Duty Shift Alpha or as required by circumstance