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Petty Officer 2nd Class Janvi Ogden

Name Janvi Ogden

Position Yeoman

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ekosian/Zeon
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 115lb
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Janvi’s natural beauty has always drawn attention, but her mother’s determination to instil her with modest independence has made her remarkably unaware of it. She rarely dresses-to-impress, instead choosing comfortable clothing and minimal make-up.


Father Isak Raschem (50)
Mother Daras Ogden (43)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Shy and reserved by nature, Janvi would much prefer to be the person in the background ensuring everything ran well than the one in the spotlight. Emotionally-intelligent and well-organised, she makes up for her lack of academic intellect by working hard and showing remarkable personal insight. A natural pacifist who is proud of her people’s strong history of co-operation, she be remarkably naïve. Although generally well-liked, she tends to have few friends, but is very close to those she does have.
Strengths +Excellent organisation skills
+Extreme empathy coupled with high emotional intelligence
+Skilled musician who has mastered several Zeon and Ekosian instruments
Weaknesses -Naïveté and general innocence regarding people’s intentions
-Dependence on organisation and structure that makes her struggle to improvise and cope with the unexpected
-Although a passionate explorer, she has little interest in learning the hard facts behind the realities of the universe
Ambitions Janvi dreamt of entering Starfleet from a young age, but her intellectual abilities made entering the academy unrealistic. Instead, she enlisted, yet she still dreams of being raised to officer status. She has a fantasy of one day becoming a Captain, but would be happy proving her worth and becoming Chief of Operations one day.

On a personal note, Janvi loves children and would like to have a large family.
Hobbies & Interests Organisation is second-nature to Janvi, so much so that she can often go about her daily duties without putting a significant amount of conscious thought into it. Instead she spends much of her time composing music in her head, music that she later writes down and attempts to translate into reality. She adores instrumental music and plays the Ekosian cello, fiddle, and the Zeon guitar.

Further she has an active imagination and loves to explore the unknown, thus she has a particular taste for holonovels, and can be depended upon to always be aware of the latest programme.

She loves to bake and it has been said that her carrot cake could bring galactic peace.
Languages Ekosian, Zeon, Federation Standard
Sexuality Heterosexual


Personal History Born to a single mother on the planet of Ekos, Janvi grew up without contact with her father, but blessed with a conscientious and caring mother, Janvi never felt the loss of her father, and instead grew up in a closely-knit, if small, family home.

Born on the centennial of the fall of Nazism on her planet, the days of persecution and political upheaval were long in the past, and many of Janvi’s contemporaries shared an Ekosian and Zeon heritage, as Janvi did herself. Nevertheless, the impact of that event on the solar system’s two inhabited planets was long-lasting, ensuring not only that the two planets celebrated their historical co-operation and pacifism, but also continued to educate their children about the horrific near-genocide. Looking back on the intervention of the Enterprise, Janvi long held Starfleet in high-regard, with many of her childhood games surrounding the ship’s crew and their adventures. As a result, since she was a young girl, her ambition became to join Starfleet.

However, Janvi was never academically strong, something that she struggled long and hard to get beyond, continuing to dream of joining the academy. Yet her mother saw her daughter’s struggles, and rather than disenchant her idealism, instead attempted to shift her daughter’s focus, pushing her to develop the technical and administrative skills that would help her to enlist instead of attending the academy. A musician herself, she further encouraged her daughter’s creativity, something that Janvi took to with natural skill, and for a while she considered abandoning her dream in order to pursue a career as a musician. As she grew older, however, Janvi became more-and-more determined to join up, and upon her graduation from school she did just that.

But leaving Ekos and Zeon was more difficult than Janvi had expected; although she did not have a wide circle of friends, those she did have were close, and leaving them and her mother proved particularly difficult. She also left behind her high school boyfriend, Abram Volour, who lacked Janvi’s curiosity and extra-planetary ambitious. Trying to make it work long-distance, however, was a mistake, and only seemed to highlight the isolation and loneliness that defined her first few months.

When she finally began to make a few friends and settle-in, the relationship became even more strained and ended. While mourning the end of her first serious relationship, Janvi finally came into her own, loneliness replaced with an appreciation of her new-found independence, and surrounded by like-minded crewmembers, by the time her training was complete she knew that she had made the right decision in joining up.
Starfleet History In basic training, due to her joint aptitude for engineering and administration, Janvi specialised in ship’s operations, completing the course with distinction and high-accolades from her teachers. After completion, Janvi was transferred to the USS Holkar, where she served for two years, showing extreme prowess in administration and being promoted to the Captain’s Yeoman. When the opportunity to join the Palatine’s five-year-mission came up, it was something that Janvi was particularly intrigued by, personally requesting the Holkar’s captain to recommend her; something that she did without hesitation.
Service Record 2386: Entrance to Starfleet Technical Services Academy, Special Course: Ship’s Operations
2387: Crewman on USS Holkar, Operations Department
2388: Promotion to Captain’s Yeoman, USS Holkar
2389: Promotion to Petty Officer, Second Class
Assigned to USS Palatine, Yeoman to Second Officer

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