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Lieutenant JG Devin Ward

Name Devin Ward

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Humanoid (Isisean)
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 4'11"
Weight 96 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Dual colored
Physical Description At under five feet tall her dark red auburn hair is usually the first thing folks notice about her. Though she has been known to dye it for a mission or just because she can. Her eyes are two different colors, her right is light copper-brown and her left is silver-gray in hue. When the mission requires it she can wear colored lenses to change the color and hue of her eyes. Though she doesn't like having to do so as her eyes get irritated after a few hours. She has a few scars from misadventures that did not go in her favor. They are mostly small and are of little bother to her.

**Her feline form is that of a red brown turkish angora with golden yellow, silver-gray eyes.**


Spouse None at present
Children None at present
Father Father Runi Ashdon deceased (died after her birth )
Mother Mother Darcey Tennesee deceased (died after her birth)
Brother(s) Brother(s) Nathaniel Ward adoptive brother 29 Baseball player, **feline form tan and brown, Maine coone with green eyes**
Sister(s) Sister(s) Charlotte Ward elder twin (not identical) 27, school teacher at Jupiter station **ginger furred Turkish angora with blue and green eyes**
Other Family Other Family Damian Ward 60 adoptive Guardian Tailor at Jupiter station, **feline form Black-blue long hair Russian blue cat with dark yellow eyes** Samuel Reed 56 adoptive Guardian Chef owner of Cosmic creations pastry cafe, **feline form Rag doll cat with light blue eyes**.

Aunts, uncles, and cousins from both guardians, (does not know currently but does have) other aunts uncles couple cousins that live somewhere in the Beta Quadrant.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Devin is many things from her devil-may-care attitude, acquiring several broken bones from practicing parkour levels beyond her range on a dare is one such indication. Devin is always up for a challenge, either from games, or tests of skills even if she has never done the proposed activity. She will happily join in and have fun regardless of winning more loosing. She will play light pranks, too full bloom mischief depending on the situation and reason behind it. She is Greatly enjoys trying new things from sports she's never done, games puzzles, to playing in various holo-adventures. Nearly boundless energy and is almost always on the move, rarely still for more than a few moments. Her free time is either in the kitchen or involved with one project or another, but she'll drop all plans to spend time with a friend. She is a free spirit, seems to trust openly but if her trust is broken, the guilty party can expect long term vengeance in return. Is protective of what she feels is hers and has a large soft spot around kids. Still very playful and often cheeky!
Strengths Intelligent as in she is much smarter than she is given credit for though her playful attitude doesn't help much in improving the assumption folks make.
She is good at languages and remembering details clearly from what she hears.

Imaginative, she looks at problems from several angles, loves anything that makes he stop and think. Before she will take off to play.

Free spirit, loves surprising folks either by walking up and talking to them, or leaving some sort of present from a baked pastry or some small thing that caught her eye that she wants to share.

Energetic often on the move, but she is not yet credited as hyperactive.

+/- very playful and cheeky, loves to flirt, tease, and toe the line between good and bad protocol. She will however not mess with folks who are already involved, except for fun never seriously interfering with another relationship.

Slightly smaller heart and slightly larger lung capacity than most humans.
Weaknesses Her bad points including she has little to no patience for bullies and deals with them in various ways depending on how they're bullying.

Will tell anyone off if she feels the need to regardless of the rank the other person may have. One such instance she told a Vice Admiral his son was a pompous ass who had no business using phrasers after he had disrupted a mission meeting while drunk.

She will leave over filled jelly donuts or other pastries to folks she wants to see how they react, to using hair dye and ribbons to style a person's into funny work of art. Just a few examples of what she will get into when starting pranks.

Protective of what she feels is hers, from her personal belongings to the folks she takes as friends and family. She will be first to stand by a friend if they need help, or if she hears someone else putting them down Devin will be fierce in her defense of her friends and family

Vengeful when wronged-trust broken, she applies equal level of vengeance to the wrong that is done, prank for prank, if her trust is broken, she will not willingly work with the person again unless given no choice in the matter, usually complaining when preparing for whatever job assignment she forced into working. Folks she does not wish to work with again if possible, Wilson Kelly, (bully and telepathically sensitive to), Traed Galik, (Cardassian exchange student that she just really doesn't like) and afew others she will name if they cross paths.

Very limited telepathy, meaning she needs to either be within her visual range of the person to either send or hear thoughts. She is far from an expert and usually only gets random 'loud' thoughts, unless she knows the person very well then she might hear more. She can usually send a thought to anyone unless they have trained to ignore other telepaths or they just don't hear her. Using her limited telepathy for extended periods of time causes her migraines that can put her off her feet for days or longer if not properly tended too.

While her eyes are well suited to the darkness the bright lights can give her problems if she does not find focus elsewhere. Which she uses as an excuse to be on the move, it changes her point of focus.
Ambitions Being the best at her job while having fun doing it. She sees each mission as a new lesson to be better at. Hopes to find a person that excepts her for who she is and to have a family someday. (Reason being most folks tend to be put off by the feline play time after her duty hours are full filled. So when she actually find a person or persons who are cool with her as a lady and a cat then she will be more than happy to settle slightly for family building).
Hobbies & Interests Has numerous pass times from sports such as swimming, parkour, ice skating, gymnastics and martial arts (as a student of many but master of none). She loves to cook real food, but is far from perfect and only has five recipes that she is confident with sharing. Devin adores music and will listen to nearly anything from opera, classical, to jazz, rock, j-pop, among others. **She has a program for playing in her feline form that allows her to hunt hummingbirds or play in the snow or swim though she rarely brings others along and when caught she will usually just walk out as if nothing was going on.**

Doesn't like Klingon opera however and will promptly exit any room it is playing in, even if she is supposed to stay put, as attested by one Co during a meeting that was in the intelligence office, the acting Chief intelligence officer had a Klingon opera playing and Devin walked out after some rather colorful cursing.

Devin has a few vices such as she absolutely adores chocolate, cheesecake, and peppermint and she often drinks Barqs root beer or Dr Pepper soda.

***Her secret hobby is crocheting​, she is not very good in fact she is terrible at it often there are several hold or the completed project nis an awkward shape, but she puts a lot of effort and thought into a project so if she cares enough to give as a gift it means a lot to her.***
Languages Federation basic, Romulan, Vulcan, Cardassian, Italian, many others.
Sexuality Heterosexual


Personal History Devin and her older sister Charlotte were born to a pair of young Isiseans who appeared to be stealing various things to make a living. The shuttle they were born on was littered with various things that obviously didn't belong to the pair, either way it is uncertain about the true events that lead to the shuttle crashing and leaving the newborns with deceased parents. Samuel Reed found the shuttle's escape pod during his morning ride through the woods, with the babies within, he brought them back to the cabin where his husband rented for family getaway.

As luck would be with the babies Samuel and Damian were also Isiseans and had adopted an Isisean orphan a year earlier, so they had no concerns other than making sure vthe baby girls wee okay. After taking them to a medical emergency center they were pronounced as healthy dispite the fact they appeared to be premature. After a few weeks spent in incubation the babies were released into Damian and Samuel's care they returned to their home on Jupiter station and raised their young charges as well as any other family. The kids were taught the rules of living among regular folks and knew whom to trust with knowing they were the tiny felines running about the station. Most of the kids adventures went well enough minus a few instances were they had snuck aboard a star ship to deal with bullies.

In school Devin and Charlotte were ahead of the curve and skipping several years ahead even passing by their elder brother Nathaniel in his studies. Most nights Devin or Charlotte would help Nathaniel correct his school work if their guardians were otherwise busy.

Devin applied for Starfleet at 12 years old and kept applying until she was accepted at age 14 with the consent of both guardians. Proving she was tenacious in going after what she wanted.
While waiting for acceptance she spent her free time learning various languages she figured might be useful and others because she liked the sounds from their music, operas.

During course studies she was almost a perfect student. After class hours she was into one type of mischief more another often leading to numerous warnings. For pranks and disagreeing with higher classmates on how a project should be approached. After graduation she has bounced from one posting to another for missions and undercover details, a well as her CO's trading her for another less cheeky officer. Devin has never really put much stock in her rank. Her rank means nothing to her as it goes up when her Co is pleased with her but down again when she pisses off the wrong person. Devin will do the right thing for her shipmates or those in need no matter, the personal cost. She hasn't and will never leave a friend behind and has openly defied orders to go get shipmates who might have otherwise been left for lost.

***Notes on her race, not everyone knows, the captain does because he has the right to know he will decide whom else to tell officially. While older crew and civilians whom might have had interactions with another Isisean in the past, feel free to PM me and we can point out the traits you would notice for her.

Race: Isisean, original race designated Omegan.

Unlike Earth Humanoids, Isiseans are able to manipulate their cell structure so that they can take on feline appearance. This process of cellular metamorphosis it taught to the young at an early age as early as two to four months old, while most species are crawling.

Almost all master it before reaching their teens. Isiseans who do not train as children are less likely to develop their abilities later due to physiological changes between children and adults.

It is not clear how Isisean or Omegan came to have this ability as much of their history was lost when the Isiseans splintered off from the Omegans.

It is believed that long ago both races originated from a felidae ancestry and later evolved humanoid features. Socially conjecture has resulted in this being a hot topic with many debating which is their natural form, Cat or Humanoid. However the majority of the population commonly adopt a humanoid form during their daily lives, possibly to better enable interacting with other humanoids.

The ability to change comes at an early age and is not dissimilar to puberty in Humans. Those who do not train as children are less likely to succeed in developing the ability later in life.

Originally Omegan but split off from the main group as they did not agree with the main group's goals, that being the defeat of Earth and removal of Starfleet and the Federation.

Theses ex-Omegans traveled far and wide dropping off in small groups on various human settlements before a larger group settled in after finding a new home deep in the far reaches of the Beta quadrant. They started calling themselves Isiseans, and left it at that. These people are in general of medium build and are varying in skin tone and color as any regular human. Their eyes are sometimes dual colored (heterochromia iridium) though more often than not they have eyes the same color like most humans. Usually only Isisean with parents having heterochromia iridium will get it as well but it usually skips generations. What makes these folks different from humans is very slight differences, very slightly smaller hearts, larger lung capacity. Telepathic neural pathways in their brains. They are naturally telepathic with each other and can hear thoughts of others with in these restrictions. Either within visual sight of the person whose thoughts they are meant to hear, have a connection of emotional sort from concern to love even hate if the person is considered an enemy. Otherwise they would not hear the thoughts unless there was extreme volume in the thought. Most are bright light sensitive. Their hearing is almost as good as a Vulcans. Their sense of smell is very strong and often leading to allergic responses to various pollens, pollution, and the like.

In general most Isisean are playful curious folks that want to enjoy life, living. Intelligent and often capable of interesting creations but they don't often keep with their inventions. Some having tired of the rather tame existence, began traveling again some choosing to smuggle aboard star ships after riding in on various freighters to starbases. Being a ship's cat having adventures with being able to come and go coming and go as they please.

That is what sets the Isiseans apart the most, the ability to go from human to cat and back again. The risks are strong though, any injuries that are gained in one form remain when returning to the other. Lose any eye as a cat, it is lost when returning to human form.

The few Isiseans that have left their homes over the years come back sharing tales and traveling stories. Some do not return having either died in a glorious misadventure or just choosing a new life elsewhere.

Some Isiseans have recently begun negotiations to join the Federation, offering their small size adventurous natures along with a generous amounts of miszinite ore among others that they'd uncovered in previous years and have too little uses for. Currently only three have officially gone through Starfleet Academy, the others that have joined ships five to date have remained as civilian additions (mascots with CO knowledge of who and what they are along with those the CO trusts to know).

Additional notes; all is based off of Star Trek: The Original Series episode, Assignment Earth - with Gary Seven and his feline companion Isis. With information taken from the original script, comic books and a lot of guesswork. ***
Service Record Starfleet academy 14 - 17

USS Sybel training ship and first assignment 16 - 19 infiltration officer

USS Byron 19 - 21 mission classified but she worked with a small team as infiltration and extraction among other duties.

USS Zeus (mascot Nova, undercover mission confidential) 21

USS Tyson 22-24 ( mascot, Halona name change to Mercury after undercover mission was complete and allowed to go to her natural hair/fur tones.) Infiltration/extraction officer

Starbase Kelvin 25- 27 (mascot Serene) infiltration/extraction officer

Transfer to the USS Palatine 27 to present

Starfleet Personnel File

Serial Number HK-048-300
Security Clearence Level 8
Quarters Assignment Deck 4, Cabin 4-15 - Single Occupancy
Duty Shift Beta