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Name Sovrak

Position Chef

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 137

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Impeccably dressed, no matter if one catches him busy in the kitchen or chatting away with the crew during meal times.


Children His meals are his children in a way, each lovingly and logically crafted for every crewperson, and here is what is in store for you at the Mess Hall: USS PALATINE MENU

Personality & Traits

General Overview One can find little to fault with Sovrak’s application of logic towards food. He is an incredible cook, precise, detailed, and efficient. More amicable than most Vulcans he frequently engages in small talk. Always willing to try a new recipe or cook something special for someone but drives a hard bargain when it comes to procuring his choice of ingredients. Signed a deal with a New Brazil Colony fine foodstuffs shipping company for the discounts, though the coffee is an acquired taste.
Strengths Sovrak has earned his status as a master-class chef in the fleet. His talent doesn’t come from traditional culinary arts education as seen on Earth, but rather as a graduate of the Vulcan Science Academy with a degree in exo-nutrition and decades spent serving on ships and stations all across the Federation.
Weaknesses His meals can sometimes seem too...perfect, each one looking eerily and exactly alike as the next, which is exceptionally weird when he’s cooking to order. The longer he goes with his menu without someone interrupting him with a request the more his delicious masterpieces seem like replicated food.

Has a strange inability to alter his own menu unless requested by two or more crewmen.

Has a fondness for sweets that has nothing to do with logic.
Ambitions To cook a meal so nutritionally perfect, so aesthetically pleasing and delicious in every way, that a Q will react with surprise.
Hobbies & Interests Likes to grow fruits for his famous Ships Preserves wherever he can, and isn’t above renting out space from others on board for more of his plants so long as they take care of them. Plays the Vulcan lyre. Enjoys conversation over a good meal. Fiendish when it comes to doing the dishes.
Languages Federation Standard, Vulcan
Sexuality Asexual


Personal History A famous nutritionist who taught at the Vulcan Science Academy for twenty years, he was best known for his refining of the staple food plomeek broth for the most optimum balance of caloric intake and nutritional value. Got an itch to see the galaxy and hopped on board an Orion transport one day causing a scandal at the VSA.
Starfleet History Sovrak has worked for Starfleet as a civilian contractor and chef off and on over the last century, when he isn’t gallivanting around as a free citizen and explorer. He met Aalux Lakar sometime in the early 2300s, has been present for a number of the El-Aurian’s missions in the past, and is tight-lipped about anyone prying into his friend’s background. When Aalux offered him the chance to be the chef on his new command, Sovrak sold the restaurant he’d been working at in Paris, arranged for some complicated logistics for supplies, and signed right up.
Service Record Has served in ships both humble and great, stations on the frontier, colonies of many races, and is gratified to serve you here.

Starfleet Personnel File

Serial Number CivIDent - HT-SKC-110
Security Clearence Level 2
Quarters Assignment Deck 5, Cabin 5-257 - Single Occupancy
Duty Shift Sets his own hours