Deck Listing

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Deck One

Captain's quarters, Executive Officer's quarters, VIP quarters, storage lockers, dorsal sensor array, lifeboats

Deck Two

Command, Operations, CONN
Bridge, Ready Rooms, Briefing Room, command, operations, and CONN offices, senior officer quarters, officer quarters, transporter room 1 (3-pad)

Deck Three

Civilian, Family
Diplomatic facilities, VIP quarters, family quarters, transporter rooms 2 and 3 (3-pad), aft dorsal tractor beam emitter

Deck Four

Flight Operations, Officer Level
Flight deck control room, shuttle bay upper clearance, officer's lounge, officer's mess, officer's quarters, kitchen, chef's private stores

Deck Five

Operations, Flight Operations, Crew Level
Computer core control rooms, shuttle bay level 2, holodeck 1 upper clearance, crew quarters, mess hall, forward and aft cargo bay upper clearance, Dual MARA upper columns, deuterium injection system

Deck Six

Operations, Flight Operations, Crew Level
Holodeck 1, transporter room 4 (3-pad), forward and aft cargo bays, cargo transporters 1-4, shuttle bay flight deck, crew quarters, dual MARA upper columns, dual computer cores, school

Deck Seven

Medical, Personnel
Main Sickbay, intensive care, operating room, medical and counseling offices, medical science lab, transporter rooms 5 and 6 (6-pad), dual computer cores, main crew lounge, gymnasium, holosuites, arboretum upper clearance, mess hall, shuttle bay maintenance and storage upper clearance, dual MARA upper columns, access to nacelles decks, impulse engines/fusion generators

Deck Eight

Main Science Level
Hot lab 1, science labs 1-4, science offices, astrometrics, arboretum, holodeck 2, dual computer cores, shuttle bay maintenance and storage, crew quarters, dual MARA upper columns, deuterium cryostorage, impulse engines/fusion generators

Deck Nine

Security, Secondary Science Level
Security offices, brig, phaser range, armory, dual MARA upper columns, deuterium cryostorage, holodeck 2, crew quarters, transporter rooms 7 and 8 (6-pad), hot lab 2, science labs 5-8, science offices

Deck Ten

Engineering, Operations, Tertiary Science Level
Main Engineering upper level, dual MARA upper columns, stellar cartography, aft tractor beam emitter, crew quarters, science lab 9, critical mission and scientific storage bay

Deck Eleven

Engineering, Tactical
Main Engineering, dual MARA reaction chambers, industrial replicators, tactical offices, forward quantum torpedo launchers and magazine, weapons control room, phaser cannon maintenance access, Captain's Yacht access, crew quarters, transporter room 9 (3-pad)

Deck Twelve

Dual MARA lower columns, industrial replicators, maintenance and repair workshops, long-range sensor systems, Chief Intelligence Officer's office

Deck Thirteen

Dual MARA lower columns, machining workshops, industrial replicators, life support systems, long-range sensor systems, backup computer core control room, science lab X

Deck Fourteen

Dual MARA lower columns, backup computer core, engineering supply cargo hold, industrial replicators

Deck Fifteen

Deflector control room, dual MARA lower columns, antimatter containment system, aft quantum torpedo launchers and magazines, engineering supply cargo hold, cargo transporters 5-8, transporter room 10 (3-pad), industrial replicators

Deck Sixteen

Navigational deflector, navigational sensors, holodeck 3 upper clearance, dual MARA lower columns, waste processing and recycling center

Deck Seventeen

Navigational deflector, holodeck 3, dual MARA lower columns, antimatter injection system

Deck Eighteen

Navigational deflector, dual MARA ejection system

Deck Nineteen

Nacelle Maintenance Deck