FNS News Alert #4

Posted on Wed Aug 8th, 2018 @ 7:52pm by Stephen Spires
Edited on Wed Aug 8th, 2018 @ 7:53pm

Though troubled by persistent issues and suspected sabotage at launch, the USS Palatine has continued its maiden voyage across the quadrant without further incident. Until now, that is. Having made port at Deep Space 10, the newly minted Vesta-class vessel has taken on the last of its crew -- and cycling out some of the old. Included within the personnel rotation was its commanding officer, Commander Aalux Lakar.

Lakar was instrumental in the Vesta project, and particularly with the Palatine's construction. When reached for comment, the commander declined. Starfleet has yet to appoint a replacement, but with a Romulan presence at DS-10 flexing their a cutting-edge starship design of their own, this reporter suspects a command officer whose experience lies with the war room rather than the drawing board.

Many other senior officers are taking on new assignments elsewhere. Most noteworthy is Lieutenant Rizena Virodin, Chief Science Officer, receiving an unexpected professorship with the Daystrom Institute.

Though Task Force leadership has yet to give an official release regarding the changeover, the writing is on the wall. As for how much of the Palatine's research capabilities will be sacrificed for combat readiness, only time will tell.

This is Stephen Spires for the Federation News Service signing off.