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Silk ribbons (back post)

Posted on Thu Sep 13th, 2018 @ 1:49pm by Lieutenant JG Devin Ward & Warrant Officer Sarish Anjar

Mission: The Eyes of Janus
Location: Holo-deck 2
Timeline: Preflight time-frame MD 67

Devin had started a few moments before Anjar was to arrive, she had loosened up and was for lack of better terms dancing around. Swinging on large hoops and wide ribbons of silk cloth. She had set her katana, and few other blades on the table on the left hand side of the wide room. The center had the hoops and silk cloth hanging from the ceiling. The right side of the room had balance beams and other things that could be climbed upon or hiden behind. Devin jumped from another silk ribbon to land in the center of the fourth hoop, there were five in total in various heights. The first was closest to the floor. The floor was deeply padded but parts had strips of cloth laid over it this far she had managed to walk over them all leaving no prints behind.She was wearing a silver colored shirt that was loose in the sleeves snug against the rest of her torso. her pants were black with red dragonflies detailed along the outter seams that ran down her legs to her ankles. She was bare foot, her toe nails were painted in opalescent hues. Her hair was loose in curling waves down her back...

Anjar had not been sure what to expect when he'd boarded the Palatine, especially after running into Jon, but so far he'd been pleasantly surprised in some respects and unsurprised in others. Ward fell into the former category while Duvos fell into the latter. He could have had a humourless hard-ass as his superior officer, but Ward actually seemed to exist happily with her head outside of her ass. So when she invited him to work out, it hadn't been a hardship to agree. He walked into the holodeck in a pair of simple trousers that had enough give for him to move easily and a black tank. Glancing around at the wide array of apparatus, Anjar chuckled to himself. "I didn't know the circus was in town," he teased gently.

Devin jumped and slid down one of the ribbons of silk and grinned cheekily up at him. "You might be surprised what comes around in the holo-deck," she held up the Andorian ushaan-tor blade that had been behind her back. "You ever sparred with these?" She slid it back into the sleath at her back and motioned to the table where a few weapons lay beside her set. They were obviously replicated for this meeting, "Pick up whatever you are comfortable with we can work our way to unknown later."

Ward was agile, he'd give her that. He toed off his shoes and stepped onto the mats barefoot, preferring the solid feel of texture against his skin. "Not so much surprised as curious about what you're planning," Anjar corrected her with a grin. "The last time I was in the field, climbing apparatuses weren't quite that luxurious." In point of fact, his hands had been bleeding last time he'd had to make do with whatever he could find. He moved towards the table she'd indicated and picked up a weapon identical to the one she'd just shown him, getting a feel for the weight and balance. "Andorian ushaan-tor, right?" Though he'd never used one, he could identify one. Still, he put it down and reached for the bat'leth, giving it an expert flip. "Hello, beautiful," he murmured to the weapon.

Devin eyed his choice with a wry grin, "All those weapons choices and you go for the bat'leth? Well you've got taste in good weapons, good reach, blocking and deadly. The Andorian ushaan-tor, is meant for closer combat though, I have seen a few folks throw them." She wasn't planning on drawing the bladed weapon again. She dashed in ducked to his left and loosely tied a small ribbon in white around his calf. "Let's see if I can get that back without you catching me, hmm?" She said with a light laugh, this was going to be fun and educational.

Anjar laughed softly and set the blade down. "I'm just saying hello, who said I'd chosen anything?" he said with a low-key wink. "The smart money picks their weapon second." All the better to know what he was dealing with, but Ward didn't seem concerned with weapons in any case. Anjar lifted an eyebrow when she ducked in to cast a white ribbon around his leg, and after a moment's consideration he reached down to tie it off properly. It only seemed fair to make sure he wasn't fighting to keep it on him as well as keep it away from her. If they were going to do this, he wanted to do it bare-handed. "Tag, you're it," he chuckled and jumped for the nearest silk hanging, swinging across the mats on it.

Devin laughed softly as she ran across the mats and lundged on another wide ribbon on silk and spun on it making it twist into a rope-like band and then swung after him as she snatched another wide band she dropped the ribbon rope it untwisted beside him while she climbed up the new ribbon and grinned cheekily. "Do you want to wager how long you can keep that white band of silk from me?" She was actually very surprised, he had taken the ribbon and tied it securely, to join in on the game even using the wide bands of hanging silk. The usual response time and again, when she had offered such a distraction during a suggested sparring match she had told to grow up and not mess around. She was heartened by the gesture of his seeming to play along.

Glancing back to take in the way she chased him, agile and graceful, Anjar smirked and shook his head. "No bet," he declared with confidence, wanting to see what she could do. Only an idiot would take a wager on an unknown quantity. He darted towards the balance beams, vaulting over one to put a barrier between him and her. "You sound pretty confident. Do you do things like this often?"

Devin laughed delighted, "Usually on my own or against holograms most tell me this is too childish." She nimbly dashed and danced around him on another balance beam she stalked around him and ducked behind another hanging band of silk and swung around making a grab for the white silk ribbon around his calf.

Anjar's lips twitched as he took in the layout of the room as quickly as he dared, getting the feeling he would have to move fast and often. "They can call it childish when adults stop ordering holographic sex toys," he snickered, rolling under one of the beams to stay out of her reach and dashing towards another band of silk, grabbing it like a rope and hauling himself up quickly.

Devin laughed, "Very true though so long as they don't use my profile as a template I don't really want to know." She dropped off her band of silk and ran across the balance beams before catching another band and swung over to a hoop, she started the hop spinning and swinging in an arch until she could jumptoma higher hoop then slid down another band of silk, making another grab for the white silk ribbon.

"Are you sure? It's good money, I hear," Anjar chuckled, swinging away from her and lifting his legs well out of reach, letting go so he could jump down onto the mats and make another run for cover. "I hope you're timing this. I want to know what personal best I have to beat in future."

Devin didn't reply aloud as she was trying to catch up to him. She had a cheeky grin on her face as she dashed around after him. then she ducked left and ran between the bands of silk until she narrowed the distance between them. She employed a nice bit of tumbling before she twisted and made another grab for the ribbon.

She was going to make him sweat, he could tell. Anjar wasn't trying to be fancy, if Ward wanted to burn energy somersaulting around that was her own business. He barely managed to stay out of her reach, grudgingly impressed with his nimble and quick she was. He threw one of the silk banners towards her, hoping to at least slow her down for a moment before he grabbed another and climbed up to grab at a hoop. "My circus joke doesn't seem so funny right now," he muttered.

Devin grabbed the band and followed him up, then hopped on a different hoop making it swing in an arch around his. "I think it was pretty funny but I have been told my sense of humor is a bit warped!" She hung by her knees and reached out her left hand to grab at the white ribbon from his calf.

Anjar jerked his legs out of her reach and leaped at the nearest silk banner, swinging out again to land at the edge of the mats. "Maybe we oughta hook you up in Engineering," he chuckled as he kept moving, having learned staying in one place was stupid beyond belief. "You'd fit right in." This was getting close, far too close, though he was developing a newfound respect for her physicality.

Devin swayed on the hoop from her knees watching him then she twisted and dropped to grab a lower hoop and got it into motion, she made it swing out in a wide arch and started snatching a band here and there until there were several hanging around the hoop. Then she pulled one tight and wrapped around herself then dropped like a stone, tumbling down the band of silk, and stopping a few inches from the mat covered ground, she released the silk and ran across several beams before she tried to snatch the white ribbon from him once more.

Anjar almost stumbled when he stared at the acrobatic display. "Okay, Ward, I don't know what you've been putting in your food but where can I get some?" he asked, his mind racing as he recovered. This was not how intelligence officers were trained, and while it wasn't completely impossible for a Human to move the way she was, it was… unlikely. Possibly a hybrid then. One who hadn't developed the outward characteristics of the second genetic donor.

Devin's laughter followed him, she was so close to catching him but he was just a few steps ahead he was different and definitely had earned her respect giving her a real run for her money. She dashed once more and took a rolling dive snatching at the ribbon as she rolled past him...

Ward got hold of the ribbon and Anjar, suddenly held back with nowhere for all that momentum to go, crashed down onto the mats when his leg was pulled out from under him. "Uncle!" he called out, laughter in his tone.

Devin laughed delighted as she tossed the ribbon at him, "That was a very good run. Thank you for joining me." She got up and offered him a hand, "You actually made me work to get that ribbon, that deserves something special." She motioned to the room around them, "there's secrets in this place, I think you earned one of them if you're willing to keep what you learn to yourself?" Devin said as she regarded him straight in the eyes her copper brown and silver-gray meeting his dark brown gaze without hesitation nor guile. A rare full truth.

"That was not the workout I was expecting," Anjar admitted wryly, flat on his back on the mat. He accepted the hand up and bounced on his toes, untying the ribbon quickly. "Considering I normally have to steal secrets, being given one would be a breath of fresh air," Anjar pointed out, watching her curiously. He gave her an amused look. "Is this a case of 'I'll tell you and then I'll have to eat you'?"

Devin laughed shaking her head, "Nope case of look, learn and we will see what happens next." She nodded once, dropped her belt with the Andorian blade sheathed within it to the floor, then she took five steps backwards, hopped on a balance beam, looked him in the face, as she shifted. The soft blue white nimbus covered her from head to toe her clothes, rippled her body drawing in on itself slightly then changed from human to feline, ginger fur coving her form like a wave. She sat on the beam in her Angora form, winked her golden yellow eye then her silver gray one, Her tail swished slightly as she regarded him, purring quietly.

Anjar narrowed his eyes but didn't protest, merely observing as she retreated and… he blinked, lips quirking upwards as a whole lot of things suddenly made sense. Now that was not something he'd seen very much, though he'd heard a great deal about chameloids, shapeshifters, metamorphs, whatever label was preferred. After a moment's consideration, Anjar strode across the mat to the beam. "That's cheating, you know," he pointed out, glancing at the apparatuses around them. It hadn't been a fair contest at all, he realised with amusement. And he wasn't entirely sure why she was showing [i]him[/i]. He was a subordinate, not anyone important… "Is this the only form you can take?" This was a serious show of trust. He wasn't fool enough to mistake it for anything else.

Devin only purred at him when he said she had cheated, she edged closer and then stretched out a paw and lightly touched his hand with it. Then she jumped to the mat covered floor before walking behind one of the hanging wide silk ribbons, she shifted again, the nimbus surrounding her feline form as it elongated as the fur retreated. She wrapped the silk around herself a wry grin on her face as she she looked up at him. "Drawbacks include if you're counting, only human and feline form, if one turns while wearing replicated clothes they don't come back for some reason." She laughed softly, "Was plenty fair you have longer legs, arms, and are bigger than I am. You actually almost won if I hadn't dived rolled I wouldn't have gotten the white ribbon from you yet." Devin added with a smile and winked playfully, "I just wanted to play, never meant offense." Devin was impressed he hadn't yelled or called her an abomination or unnatural or anything yet. She had made a great choice in trusting him. For once.

Anjar let her bat at his hand with a paw, and simply observed as she changed back to her humanoid form, wrapping herself up in one of the banners to avoid giving him an eyeful. "So, no shifting on-mission then," he surmised, "unless we bring you spares." They'd have to find a way to make that work, it wouldn't do to have his superior walking - or running - around naked in a firefight should one occur. He cocked his head at her, considering the implications. "Touché. I'll have to up the ante somehow next time though." Her wording made him pause for a moment. "People take offense to this?" he asked, gesturing at her with a genuine look of puzzlement on his face. Maybe his sense of perspective was off, but he didn't see the problem with pushing an advantage in battle, even simulated battle.

"Well you're the third person I have shown volunterialy but you're the first that didn't try to wring my neck or something. Few Supiors up the Chain, know and give orders for whom else to tell. They don't always pick well." She wrinkled her nose, "Mostly annoying, for replicated stuff I asked when buying that out fit if it was replicated or actually real fabric. I took her word for it. Won't be shopping there again." She gave a wrry grin, "I always bring spare clothes just in case, but they're in the bag under the table with the weapons." She wiggled a bit and shifted again to her feline form and walked up to him brushed her tail against his leg leaving a few loose hairs behind. Then she walked to the table, under it and nudged the bag several times until it tipped over, it was open, a black loose fitting dress half tumbled out, she leaned it and dragged it out walking towards another wide band of silk, purring the whole time.

Anjar nodded, thinking before he opened his mouth. "My people spent fifty years being systematically subjugated. I guess things like this just... don't seem like a big deal in comparison to that," he tried to explain. "Or maybe I've just spent so much time on other worlds that nothing really surprises me anymore." The last was murmured more than stated, as if mulling the idea over.

Devin returned to her human form a d got her dress settled smoothly before she walked around the silken band and looked up at him, "If you have any questions I will answer what I can, otherwise, you'll have to ask Isis, Emony or Zoisite. They're guides and teachers, they only come out on the holo-deck or holo-suites." She offered lightly.

"For now I just have one," Anjar replied, glancing around at the holographic set-up. "Round two?"

Devin laughed delighted as she off turned and sprinted across the mats and lunged to dance over the balance beams, "You're never going to catch me!"

Game on .....


Lt.jg. Devin Ward CIO, Infiltration
USS Palatine

W.O. Sarish Anjar Infiltration specialist
USS Palatine


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