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Not Common Officers,

Posted on Sat Sep 1st, 2018 @ 6:41am by Lieutenant JG Devin Ward & Warrant Officer Sarish Anjar

Mission: Preflight
Location: Intelligence offices
Timeline: MD 68

Devin walked in the outter office and stopped short there were three new faces looking around the room, the trio overlooked her three times before they noticed the top of her head and lowered their gazs to meet hers. She smiled cheekily, "Good morning, I wasn't expecting you lot until tomorrow,."

The Denobulan was a young man of around twenty years old he gave an easy smile as he replied, "Our shuttle got a lucky pickup from the Nimoy." The Nimoy was a Miranda-class refit that had docked a few hours ago.

The young Tellarite lady made a smirking face, "Aren't you a little short for an officer?"

Devin raised her eyebrows she hadn't expected that to be spoken about. "Aren't you a little angel to be working within intelligence?" She shot back, with a wry grin. The Tellarite actually pouted at her and crossed her arms. Devin eyed the last new face though she noticed he didn't seem to be all that happy to be in the room with the others. Or maybe he just scowled that way all the time? He as a trill but didn't have the spots or pigments that ran down the sides of his body he had the lesser seen head ridges.

Devin turned towards the inner office and motioned the trio to follow, she smiled at seeing Anjar seated behind the desk.

Information on Xavier outside of the usual run-of-the-mill stuff was thin on the ground, but Anjar was methodical and he was confident he would be able to put a picture together with a bit of patience. Still, his awareness of his surroundings didn't waver enough for him to miss Ward walking into the offices with a group of NCOs trailing behind her. He looked up, eyes flicking from the Trill to the Tellarite to… "Well now. Look what the sehlat dragged in," Anjar drawled, recognizing the Denobulan from his time as a trainee. "Petty Officer Phryx." He got up out of his seat, smooth as silk, and aimed a small smile at Ward. "I didn't know you were bringing me presents, ma'am."

"Ach laddie Ahdona like being called ma'am here ye go telling the others?" Devin shot back in a pitch perfect match of Gaelicas she grinned. "Duvos sent them, just showing them in." She finished in basic without a hint of acscent. She eyed the Petty officers, she hoped at least one wouldn't be reporting straight to Duvos.

Petty officer Phryx smiled brightly at Sarish Anjar, "I had no idea, you were part of this assignment, Sarish." He looked from the others to Sarish, to the petite red head whom was supposed to be the Chief of the department.

"Petty officer second class, Auron Vaos analyst and if you don't like ma'am as form of address what do you prefer?" He replied in soft baritone tones.

The Tellarite snorted, "If it's Sir I am leaving," she still had he arms crossed and scowling at Devin, "Petty officer fourth class, Korri Quistui,"

Devin walked over and handed Anjar a data chip, "Here's everything I had dug up on Mr Xavier, his last known associates and those that we think he got mixed up with. Still lots of ripples in the water to count from the pebble point." She had been looking into the attack on the helm officer since she had been told about it by Doctor Ingram.

Anjar huffed out a quiet laugh at Ward's brogue, still eyeing Phryx while the Denobulan eyeballed him in return. The typical Denobulan grin was so wide it looked completely innocent and genuine unless you knew what to look for. Anjar did and he wasn't fooled for a second. "Guess I'm still flying under the radar," Anjar said diplomatically, turning his attention to Auron Vaos and Korri Quistui. "Petty Officers," he nodded, addressing them respectfully. He accepted the data chip from Ward, a little surprised she was naming Xavier outright. He'd been trying to keep that investigation quiet… but it wasn't his call ultimately.

Devin eyed the NCO's a moment, "Whatever is said in this office stays, the outter office you can say whatever as long as it doesn't repeat any interior office conversation. My name is Devin Ward if you must be formal you can use my last name or rank. Calling me ma'am or Sir constantly will only become annoying. When I get annoyed I will annoy you. Consider yourselves fairly warned." Devin retorted as she sat on the left hand corner of her desk.

Auron open and shut his mouth a few times and scowled harder, Korri snorted and leaned forward, "What game are you playing with us?"

Phryx didn't appear to be phased just stood there smilng the whole time.

"Easy," Anjar cautioned the NCOs in a calm tone. "If you want games, there's a chess tournament every week in the mess hall." The Bajoran gave every appearance of being perfectly relaxed, loose-limbed and watching the three newcomers without a hint of concern. "You'd think you've never heard a superior officer lay down the rules before." His gaze slid towards Phryx, whose brilliant blue eyes were a few degrees cooler than his expression.

"Oh, don't mind them," Phryx said companionably, glancing at his colleagues with every evidence of cheer. "Cooling one's heels in a shuttlecraft makes inquiring minds restless."

Devin smiled cheekily, "Oh if you really want a game I can make a doozey for the lot of you. Though it depends on how many languages your good with. In the meantime there's a lot of back log we need to deal with, from what Sarish and I have turned up, of the agents in our projected area of travel. Ten are supposedly still on our side, three are KIA from all reports and two are MIA-AWOL, so anything you have from Duvos to clear that up is great. Otherwise I would like you," she nodded to Korri, "to start with the logs and bring, what is relevant to Sarish," she gave Auron a cheeky grin, "You're going to help Phryx with the data compiling and bring it to me. You're welcome to have snacks or whatnot while you work just don't have anything other than synohol while on duty." She turned to look at Sarish, "Anything you care to add to their start of shift duties?" Devin added a playful wink, that he could see but the Petty officers didn't because of her angle.

"Oh, you know, the usual," Anjar replied casually. "Don't burn the place down. That sort of thing." He pinned Phryx with a significant look and the Denobulan smiled serenely in return.

"As you command, Lieutenant," Phryx answered crisply. "Perhaps you'd like to brief us on what information you have in more detail."

Devin hopped off the corner of her desk and walked around it and opened a drawer, she looked at the contents and then to the Petty Officers. "I want the three of you to pick a color." from his position Sarish could see there were thousands of dice - various colors, shapes and even sizes, some had words engraved into each surface, others had numbers or dots. There were also some that were completely blank - unmarked - Game Master dice.

The Tellarite Petty officer fourth class, Korri Quistui, huffed and shook her head, "What has that have to do with..."

Devin interrupted her, and said quietly, "Pick a color then we can move on." she wasn't going to yell to make a point.

Petty officer second class, Auron Vaos the self named analyst, made a noise of annoyance and then grumbled, in his baritone, "Emerald green, Ma'am."

Devin's her eyes glittered as she reached into the drawer and then set an emerald green die on her desk top, it was a d20 but had the names of various languages named instead of numbers on the faces.

Korri pouted a moment and after another huff of breath, "Cotton candy pink then, Ma'am."

Devin withdrew another die it was a d10 with languages named instead of numbers, and set it beside the emerald green one. "Phryx, your color if you please?"

The Denobulan, looked from Sarish as if asking, 'she serious?" before his blue eyes met the mismatched copper brown and silver gray gaze of the red head, "Perhaps one that is red with a hint of fire like your hair, Lieutenant." he finally said, his gaze cool as ice.

Devin withdrew a red die a d8, that had streaks of gold, orange, and yellow and even hints of green, blue, and violet; all the shades possible in a fire. it also had languages on the surfaces. Devin stepped back from the desk and looked at Sarish, "Would you mind given them a roll please, Sarish?" she used his family name in front of them because she didn't want them getting any hints she trusted him more than others.

Sarish accepted the dice with a hint of a smile, gave them a rattle in his fist and let them roll out onto a nearby desk. "Let the chips fall where they may," he said dryly, wtaching the three NCOs to see how they were taking this unorthodox development.

Devin eyed the dice reading the languages shown, on the up most surfaces, then opened the other drawer there were dozens of PaDD's, "Korri your copy of our report this far is in Gornese," she handed it the the Tellarite, she pulled out another and looked at Auron, "You're going to bhave fun with some Andorian, and Phryx you really are lucky, getting Dothraki." She handed the other PaDD's out. "I told you the cliff notes version but since you want more you can read about yourselves." She motioned for the three to get going, "Feel free to get the dictionary from the replicator."

Once they were out of the office still looking flabbergasted she gave Anjar a cheeky smile, "It isn't the whole report just first five paragraphs. Broading their linguistics skills won't hurt them."

Anjar watched the trinity move away, muttering to themselves, and gave Ward an amused look. "You're a cruel and unusual mistress," he decided. "Maybe next time we should get them to translate from Gorn to Dothraki, see how they deal with it, and how comprehensible the end result might be."

Devin gave a mock pout, "Cruel me? Never cruel, I admit to bratty and annoying sure, but I never said I wasn't going to be a pain in the ass to someone."

Anjar kept a completely straight face. "As long as it's not my ass, ma'am."

Devin gave him a mock glare, "You want to write a letter to Duvos in Tolkien elvish? Donna ma'am me laddie, ye be liable to regret."

Anjar met her glare without a hint of repentance, and smiled like a cat stalking a canary. "Only if I get to sign your name at the bottom. Ma'am."


Lt.j.g. Devin Ward CIO, Infiltration
USS Palatine

W.O. Sarish Anjar, Infiltration specialist

Petty officers npc'd by both


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