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Razor Sharp Repartee

Posted on Wed Aug 8th, 2018 @ 5:21pm by Lieutenant JG Devin Ward & Stephen Spires

Mission: Preflight
Location: Devin's Quarters
Timeline: MD 64 early morning

Though Meilin had roughed him up a little bit, there wasn't anything that she could charge Stephen with. He had not actually trespassed since the party was semi-public. Since he was neither a Starfleet officer nor a security risk, all she could do was let him off with a warning.

Stephen knew women well enough, though, that he wouldn't get off so lucky. That spicy redhead had given him an intriguing look as he was escorted out. Now the morning after, Stephen thought to pay her a visit. And maybe an apology.

He sounded the chime outside the door of her quarters.

The doorway parted and the sound of music filled the opening, Devin looked around the door frame her hands full of weapons, pair of swords and a long bow, quiver of arrows were the most easy to spot in the mixture. Her copper brown and silver-gray eyes narrowed seeing who was at the entrance to her quarters. She dropped the bow and quiver of arrows, pointed at him with the sheathed katana, keeping the wakizashi, close o her side. Devin's hair was in a loose french twist held back by black gray and red ribbons interwoven through it. She was dressed in a gray t-shirt with dragonflies on it, with a pair of black shorts, her feet were bare. "You've got nerve I will say that for you. What do you want, Mr Spires?" She was actually very surprised that he had shown up but she wasn't about to let him know that. Devin was very curious about what he wanted.

Stephen chuckled at her brazen displeasure. "I s'pose I had that coming. If it helps, I didn't think anyone would notice." He chuckled again, hoping his appeal to humor would strike Devin's funny bone. "At any rate, I feel just awful for ruining your nice party. If there's any way I could make amends?"

He trailed off, his eyes full of hope.

Devin eyed him a long moment and then smoothly pulled the katana to her side and held it and the wakizashi together in their sheaths. "Daring and nerve, alright Mr. Spires I will listen to your possible ideas on making amends." she stepped aside to clear the entrance, "You may come in and have a seat." she said and then turned her back on him, picking up her long bow, quiver of arrows and continued on her walk across the room to place the weapons, on the shelves. The shelves looked like organized chaos. Books, crystal figures and weapons (daggers, throwing knives, and a few Andorian weapons - like the katana and wakizashi- all were made to fit her hands), upon each surface. There was a stand to the left for the long bow and quiver of arrows. While the katana and wakizashi had a stand that set on the middle shelf. The books were a mixture of classics in hard back form, and works of fiction in paper back along with a few clear sleeved comic books.

There was a single chair in the room it was, crimson, large and well cushioned, there was no couch and table yet. Devin walked to her room and brought out a bean bag seat and settled into it while she eyed Spires with a cheeky grin on her face.

Stephen couldn't help but notice the fine figure Devin struck during her various lithe movements -- bending, stooping, walking to retrieve her bean bag chair.

Careful, Spires, he reminded himself. This one is Intel. She knows exactly what she's doing...

He distracted himself by admiring her weapons. Her martial weapons, he quipped to himself with a smirk. Though intending just a quick glance, his attention became fully arrested when he saw that these were not just replicas.

"Hold up," he said to nobody in particular. "This here is a carbon-steel folded blade. It must have been folded a thousand times to have such a wavy ayasugi-hada grain in the metal." A quick reference to Devin's body and the dimensions of the blades told Stephen these were custom-forged for her and her alone.

The cheeky grin which she leveled at him struck like a harpoon. This little vixen... oh, this one could be trouble.

"Looks like I oughtta' be real sorry for upsetting you," Stephen said with another chuckle, "'cause, I gotta' say, Miss Devin, I ain't seen a set like yours since leaving Earth."

Devin laughed delighted at his comments and his show of knowledge, not many paid that much attention to her weapons. Most just commented upon the nice scaled down replica and left it at that. That he knew the difference was very impressive to her. "I had to call in a few favors for those to be made but it was well worth it, you may well be forgiven if only for the fact you have a keen eye for detail." she said smiling still cheekily but maybe now she was adding a tiny bit of flirting.

Years of field reporting meant Stephen didn't miss much. He would've had to be blind to not to catch the subtle shift from taunting to flirting. It wasn't enough to act on it. At best, it was merely bait. He would have to bide his time, lest he blow it.

Even as he rationalized everything, though, he felt his attraction for this woman grow into a burgeoning desire.

"Well, part of journalism is being an expert on everything I see," Stephen said. "I can't hardly report on a situation or person if I can't identify what I'm looking at."

Standing over a foot taller than Devin, Stephen felt like he was towering over her. He took a seat as offered, though the crimson, cushioned chair still left him far above. The floor next to Devin looked just as inviting, so he slid off the chair's cushion next to the bean bag chair. Even so, he still had a height advantage of several inches.

"Since we're friends now, I was wondering if there might be some way to help each other."

Devin raised her ginger hued brows slightly, "I was waiting to hear your ideas on making amends for your sneaking into a party that I was hostess of." Devin retorted amused, Then she shook her head softly, as she regarded him, right into those bright hazel orbs of his, "If you wish a favor or help I get to call in a favor or help when I choose, Mr. Spires." said retorted amused, though she might let him off the hook for the right reasons.

"I'm not against mixing business with pleasure," Stephen said, dropping a flirtatious hint of his own while maintaining the delicate balance of the conversation. "But I've found myself in a bit of a predicament. You see, I'm not one to back away from what I want. And what I want is hard-hitting journalism on a ship where all I'm entitled to is fluff pieces and bio pics. I've made a few adversaries among the senior staff, which means my trail is too hot to be active. That's where you come in."

He favored her with another grin that promised mutual benefit and satisfaction with what he was to propose.

"I don't have much clearance to speak of, but word on the grapevine in this sector says you're right skilled at infiltration and going where you ought not without being spotted." He rolled his eyes in mock shame. "Yours truly here seems to be lacking on that account of late, but Lady Luck can be a fickle mistress."

Brow arched suggestively, Stephen set the clincher on his proposal. "Mayhaps I've found a better one? Help me get the scoop on this ship while I lay low, and I'll owe you a big one." He admired her form a bit more brazenly. "I'm sure you could think of something."

Devin smiled showing off her dimples fully, as she met his bright hazel gaze with a slight tilting of her head, being so petite was both useful and times annoying. "I am all for a good story but spying on my shipmates would lean towards mischief. I love a good prank too but how do you propose to owe me when you're not an officer?" She asked lightly though she as intrigued, interested too; in more ways than she was willing to admit. Getting involved with a reporter with even half the keen eye and knowledge he showed was asking for trouble. Still Devin liked a challenge, would she end up regretting helping him? More than likely, would there be fun and surprises? Also likely, the real question was she willing to risk him knowing her secrets too?

"I'm a cunning linguist with contacts outside of Starfleet," Stephen said. "One word, and I could connect you with merchants, collectors, and dealers that you'd never find in a typical Federation port of call." He offered a wink. "All I need is a shopping list and some incentive."

Devin laughed softly, "Oh you do like to play with fire! I have made some friends in none Federation locations but you have me curious if you can actually deliver," she said in very amused Romulan to him to see if he understood. If he was half as good as he was implying this could be one of the best and worst decisions of her life thus far. Life was meant to be lived though or you were left with lots of regrets.

"Mosbatlem'hwiiy rhhae sa-haesemna," Stephen replied with a chuckle, not missing a beat. Your distrust wounds me.

Devin smiled brightly, and inclined her head, "What kind of story are you after exactly and don't expect anything that is too close to hurting anyone because I don't do that to any one for fun. If they piss me off or actually deserve it is one thing but to just go out to hurt someone." she shook her head. "Not going to happen on my watch."

"Oh, I don't want to hurt no one," Stephen said innocently. "I'm just looking for a hot scoop." He shifted his weight forward, suggestively pressing against Devin's space. "And I'll know it when I find it."

Devin made a soft noise in her throat that was amused, her copper brown and silver-gray eyes twinkled brightly, as she leaned forward slightly, she didn't retreat. "Well I will see what I can dig up for you, as long as NO ONE gets hurt." she said softly, not moving her gaze away from his as she regarded him.

"I'm a lover, my dear, not a fighter." Stephen halted his face right in front of hers, enticing her to partake of the fruit of his lips. "Promise."

Devin brushed the end of her nose against his, her eyes twinkling brightly, "You make a lot of promises, Mr. Spires, why should I believe you on your word alone?" she said softly, her tone clearly daring him and amused.

Hook, liner, sinker. Stephen stole a quick peck, pulling on her lip to tease of more to come. "Then I take it we have a deal?"

Devin nodded, "We have a deal," her tone was soft amused. She was so going to regret this one day. She gave him a playful wink first with her silver-gray eye and then her copper brown.

Her heterochromia iridum entranced Stephen who could not help but look from one eye to the other. Brow arched suggestively, his voice turned husky and low. "Shall we seal it?"

Devin tilted her head slightly and brushed her lips against his as gentle as a whisper, teasing him playfully.

That was all he needed. Stephen swept up her small but strong form in his arms, cradling her head in the crook of his elbow as he carried her off. No more teasing. They had passed that point. When he kissed her again, it was with the latent passion that had been building since she first invited him inside. Though he knew better than to let his guard down with an Intel operative, he couldn't help but relish the beginning of this beautiful working relationship.

Devin hadn't told the computer to shop her music mix from playing while they had been talking, and the song changed while he carried her out of the main room of her quarters and headed to her bed room.

Devin curled her fingers into his hair as she kissed him back, she made soft noises in her throat, he nearly had her purring from the feel of his kiss alone. He would be very dangerous to her if she let him.

The room held a single dresser, the bed was an act of defiance to the fact she was so petite, in it's large size. It could easily hold four normal sized people with room to spare. The blankets were a riot of hues, royal blue crushed velvet thick blanket that had cream colored faux wool on the underside, with jade green sheets and the pillows where shimmery pearl colors pale pink and onyx black.

Stephen laid her down on the bed. Before shedding his clothes and joining her, he felt inundated by the decor. A man could get comfortable being here.

Fin .... for now?


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