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The art of Infiltration

Posted on Sun Aug 26th, 2018 @ 2:17pm by Lieutenant JG Devin Ward & Warrant Officer Sarish Anjar

Mission: Preflight
Location: Ward's quarters
Timeline: MD65


Devin walked around the room and moved a few crystal figures on her books shelves to a different angle. The shelves looked like organized chaos. Books, crystal figures and weapons (daggers, throwing knives, and a few Andorian weapons, a katana and wakizashi - all were made to fit her hands), upon each surface. There was a stand to the left that held a long bow and quiver of arrows. While the katana and wakizashi had a stand that set on the middle shelf. The books were a mixture of classics in hard back form, and works of fiction in paper back along with a few clear sleeved comic books.

There was a single chair in the room it was, crimson, large and well cushioned, there was no couch and table yet. She was puzzling over the type of table as she listened to, she had shed her uniform and was wearing a loose fitting black t-shirt and gray shorts. she was taking her braid down as she thought over the table problem.

Anjar moved towards the Lieutenant's quarters smoothly, effortlessly navigating through the bodies walking in the opposite direction. The ship was relatively quiet, the rumble of people talking washing over him as he passed, his ears pricking automatically to listen and dismissing what he heard just as easily. Dressed down in soft, dark Human jeans, his most comfortable Klingon boots, with a grey shirt and black jacket, he looked like just another passenger and no-one gave him a second look. He wasn't sure why Ward had asked him to come, but only a qoH would refuse an invitation from a superior and it was an opportunity to try to find an answer.

The sound of music caught his attention as he neared the door, and Anjar took a moment to gather his thoughts before he pressed the button to alert her that he'd arrived. He didn't know much about Ward and that needed to change. He was expected to put his life in her hands by accepting her orders, and doing that with someone he didn't know didn't rest well in Anjar's mind. The door slid open and Anjar smiled politely. "You rang, ma'am?"

"Come on in have a seat," Devin said as she gave a cheeky grin, "First rule no ranks when out of the office, second for the love of Pete please don't call me Ma'am!" She motioned to the cushioned chair, "Devin is my name, friends have called me Dev or Vin if you think up a nickname that isn't 'Red' I might even answer to it." She said as she walked to her room and brought out her bean bad seat after she set it down across from the cushioned chair she walked to the replicator, "Water, juice, coffee or something else?"

The grin could be either a good thing or a bad thing, Anjar mused as he accepted Ward's invitation to enter. He'd been to enough diplomatic functions to know a smile hid many an unpleasant agenda. "Yes, Boss," he answered glibly, flashing a hint of a cheeky smile of his own. Anjar wasn't entirely sure what to make of Devin but time would inevitably fix that. "You'd better call me Anjar then," he replied in kind. She may have been aware of Bajoran naming conventions already but it was better to bypass formalities if her conduct was any indication. "Water's fine, thanks," Anjar said, keeping it simple as he peered at the collection of books. "I thought I was the only one who wasted the weight allocation on something like this."

Devin blinked and shook her head, "Boss? Do I look like a mafia moll or something? Keep trying I am sure you will think of something more original." she said with a delighted laugh. She got his water, with ice since he hadn't said either way and got herself a root beer, not just any root beer but a Barqs root beer. Devin was very particular on her tastes when it came to what she drank.

She handed him the water and sat down in her bean bag seat leaving the well cushioned chair for her guest. "I had most of that in storage, the swords are with me no matter what and a few of the books. The rest goes in storage when I am not sure of where I am going to be long term." Devin replied to his comment about weight allocation. Yeah she had a few that she would risk life and limb for but most could be replicated again. Not the swords or a few of the books though.

Anjar chuckled softly. "If looks were everything, you and I would be in a different line of work," he answered with a small shrug. He meant every word though. The surface was nothing - it was what was underneath that fascinated Anjar. He accepted the water with a nod of thanks and took a sip. "I suppose the next question is whether the swords have ever seen any action," he remarked pensively, and fixed her with a curious look.

Devin laughed softly, "If my folks had their way I would still be in professional dancing or skating. I will admit as a kid it was fun very competitive but I definitely wanted much more out of my life than winning ribbons and needing shelf space for trophies." At his question about the swords seeing action she waved a hand, "Have a look for yourself and you tell me." She wasn't proud about it but every weapon upon her shelves had used as wwas needed. She even took down one enemy with the long bow, with an arrow let loose which took the Orion invader in the throat. She cleaned and made reservations for proper repairs when she wasn't certain of the upkeep herself but keeping the swords, daggers other small blades sharp, oiled wasn't that hard.

The titbits of information she was dropping were duly filed away and Anjar nodded in understanding. "So you decided to dig up secrets for a living instead?" He was teasing gently. "Somehow the idea of you zipping around a frozen pond isn't so farfetched." He could picture it easily enough. The Bajoran reached out to slide a careful hand along the steel, picking out details. "They're definitely functional, not decorative," he decided, and lifted a brow in Ward's direction. "Make a habit of taking swords into the field? I'd have thought they'd be too hard to conceal."

Devin nodded, "Skating I still enjoy but yes digging up secrets, and going in to get our folks out was my specialty now I guess you will be having most of the fun I that area unless you want to take turns?" She looked at him a moment, "If you want pointers on hiding different weapons in plain sight when in the field I can show you a few, how I managed to keep my swords and a few daggers on hand."

Anjar chuckled softly. "And here I thought that was your call," he reminded her gently. "You're the ranker, I'm the one who takes orders." If Ward wanted to go into the field, he couldn't do a thing to stop her short of sabotaging her. The field was where he was most comfortable, strange as it sounded. The offer almost made him smile but he managed to nip it in the bud. "I'm happy to learn new techniques," he agreed easily. He'd never met two agents who did things the same way. "Blades are your preference then?"

"Like I said in the office, I don't care for rank, since we are stuck working together might as well be nice about it. I figure when field work comes up we pro-cons both sides and if I think you'll do better you get to go. If I can make a good enough counter point and you don't mind that you might get a bit of paperwork. Though you can dump most of what comes in on the NCO's that will likely be telling Duvos anyway I can go." She sipped her Barqs root beer and shook her head softly, "I prefer not fighting unless I have no choice but I know how to fight, blades are easier quieter, but I know more than just blade work." Devin shrugged softly, "Can spar some time on the holo-deck if you want a crash course on just how much I know though I haven't and don't plan on mastering anything I am always learning." She offered up honestly.

Anjar wasn't entirely sure what to make of Devin Ward. She was friendlier than any other intelligence officer he'd ever met, and he was trying to figure out whether he should take it at face value. "That works for me," he agreed easily, willing to be reasonable. It wouldn't do anyone any good to send someone in when they weren't the best fit, and Anjar wasn't an egotist by any means. He gave Ward a droll look, a half-smile on his lips. "You want to leave our reports in the hands of unknown loyalties? That's almost enough to hurt my feelings," he snickered. "Or there's always the third option. We both go and have all the fun ourselves." Her stance on fighting was similar to his. Fighting drew attention. Better to avoid it. "I'll take you up on that." Know-it-alls got you killed, so her words made him feel marginally better about who would have his back aboard the Palatine.

"I said most of the paper work, no way in hell they get to do the field reports when it it time." she gave a delighted laugh at his suggestion they they could both take off and go under cover that would have advantages and risks. Still she would have to trust someone on this ship sooner rather than later. Might as well be him. He seemed willing to have her back against the unknown NCO's that were likely deep in Dovus' pockets. "Now that is a great idea but how would we keep the NCO's too busy to notice we'd both be out of the office for more than a few hours?" Hearing how he answered that puzzle just might give her enough to go on to see if she could trust him to know her biggest secret.

Anjar pretended to think about it for a moment. "Oh, you know. A little mystery in the computer here, a harmless unknown object there," he shrugged. "Space is full of all kinds of interesting things, don’t you agree? A small scale wild targ chase never hurt anyone. It keeps their skills sharp."

Devin shook her head laughing, "Okay point made you are definitely devious in a good way far as I am concerned." She took a drink from her Barqs and nodded her head she could work with him as she finished it. "Well I think I've bent your ears enough for now. Anything you want to know or would you like to join me for some food in the lounge?" She asked lightly, she had no expectations but was ready to roll with whatever came next.

Anjar sipped at his water and debated whether he ought to take her up on her offer to answer questions. He cocked his head and opened his mouth, deciding to just roll with it. "Most superiors don't take this much of an interest in their subordinates. Is there any particular reason you are or am I just lucky?"

Devin raised her ginger hued brows slightly, "I don't feel like a superior yet, honestly I feel like I am the bait for a switch." She said with a cheeky smile that flashed her dimples, "I treat us as equals because as far as I am concerned we are. If you have a different opinion on the matter say so." She said as she stood up smoothly from her bean bag seat. She recycled her root beer bottle and faced him her copper brown and silver gray eyes meeting his dark brown ones, "My gut instinct says you're trustworthy so you have my trust until you give me a reason to not trust you." Devin finished speaking with her cheeky grin showing off her dimples in full. **~~In for a penny in for a pound.~~** she thought as she watched waiting for his response.

Anjar's regard was intent but not evasive. "Not a different opinion," he informed her in a level tone. "Just trying to figure you out." He took another sip of his water, polishing off the glass, and moved towards the counter. "There's nothing I can say to argue a gut instinct, and even if I wanted to, it would be a waste. I'll do what I do, you'll do what you do, and I'll either prove you right or wrong." He wasn't going to make a heartfelt declaration, those could be faked all too easily. Time would tell. It always did. "Words don't really amount to all that much in the scheme of things. It's what we do that defines us."

Devin nodded, "That is very true, anything else you want to know or are you going to join me in the lounge for some food and maybe a game of chess if you're game?"

Anjar lifted a challenging brow and smiled. "Chess it is."


W.O. Sarish Anjar, Infiltration specialist
USS Palatine


Lt.j.g. Devin Ward, Chief of intelligence (still going to help as) Infiltration specialist
USS Palatine


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