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Promises of Promotion

Posted on Thu Aug 9th, 2018 @ 4:55am by Lieutenant JG Devin Ward & Stephen Spires

Mission: Preflight
Location: Spires' quarters
Timeline: MD64 1940 hours

Devin walked down the corridor still reeling from the day's events. First the rather pointed encounter with the resident FNR Steven Spires, then the meeting in the intelligence offices that landed HER in the Chief of Intelligence's chair. With all the paper work and rest that came with it. She knew that would by necessity force a change to the agreement she made with Spires. She rang the chime and waited. her hair was still up in the woven braid around her head. She had unfastened the collar of her uniform jacket since she was no longer on duty.

The informant network Stephen had developed in the first month of his assignment had been respectable. With several promising leads coming in, it seemed only a matter of time before he landed a hot scoop that would get him off this ship and on to his next assignment.

Then Lieutenants Jiang and Ricci happened. One was the bane of his existence, and the other was a frenemy who couldn't decide whether she wanted to kill him or bone him. Stephen smiled at the drama. Sometimes it was the only spice of life.

Despite the deft way in which he was handling his opposition, Stephen couldn't deny that his informant pool had dried up. And then he struck gold -- he had landed an Intelligence operative as a source! That she was finer than silk only sweetened the deal. It definitely made his humiliating catch-and-release arrest at the dinner party the previous night worth it.

Dressed in a sleeveless tank and athletic shorts, Stephen put his notes away in the secure storage inside his bed frame before accessing his liquor cabinet. No synthehol for him -- this was the aged, double-oaked reserve distilled north of the river from his old stomping grounds.

He had just poured himself three fingers when the door chimed.

"Enter," he called out. He could use the drinking company.

Devin walked in waiting for the doorway to hiss closed before she spoke, "Good evening, do you mind company right now or should I come back later?" she said lightly and playfully as she looked around not in a snooping way but to just see if he put any personal touches to the room she now stood in.

Stepping away from the solid wood liquor cabinet, the only non-standard furnishing in the otherwise spartan living area, Stephen handed a glass of whiskey to Devin. "My dear, you are more than welcome."

"Hmm you might change your mind on that statement." Devin replied wryly as she accepted the glass, she lifted to breath in the aroma and shook her head softly, "I got a promotion that I certainly wasn't expecting, today." she eyed him and smiled showing off her dimples playfully. "You are looking at the new Chief of Intelligence aboard the USS Palatine!" the room didn't hold much to say he was making himself at home, at least beyond the very nice wooden liquor cabinet. She would have to be very careful indeed if he wanted to not stick around on the ship as it appeared at a glance.

"Au contraire! Seems a cause for celebration." Stephen clanged his glass against Devin's. "Cheers!"

Devin raised her eyebrows slightly, "I can't tell you things from the Intelligence offices now." she said quietly she didn't like giving her word to have something like a freaking promotion make her have to break it. "I can still help in other ways but anything from Intelligence I can't share with you. It would be more than my career if I did."

That did put a damper on things. Stephen was nothing, though, if not an optimist. "But your clearance goes up nevertheless. You'll be privy to things outside of your bailiwick that could still get passed on to an intrepid reporter without being traced back to you." He eyed her agile body. "And there's still the matter of your skill set. If you felt indebted, I'm sure you could pull something off to repay it."

Devin pulled a small data chip from her pocket. "This is some tidbits from a source I can not share but you might make something of it. Royal family scandals, illegal experiments among a few others," She paused and added, "I got it from another reporter who is going on maternity leave and I managed to talk her into forwarding her no longer able to follow leads. If you want them? None are connected to the ship but if you are only after stories it might be of interest in reading through." she offered with a smile. Devin would find a way her word meant something to her but some rules even she wouldn't cross.

"Fair enough." Stephen palmed the data chip out of sight and into his waistband with a swift flourish. Loyalty was a rare thing, especially when it was divided. Devin was hardly the first source he had put in a compromising situation, but he nonetheless respected her careful dance. "I appreciate it. Now, I recall you wanting a favor in return..."

Devin smiled cheekily up at him, winking at him with her silver-gray eye, "If I call my favor in now that leaves me nothing to bargain with." she took a small sip from the glass of whiskey he had handed to her. It burned down her throat. She was never much of a drinker she tended to get the giggles over the silliest things. "Though from your attire you are trying to settle and I would be rude to stick around uninvited." Devin admired the view he presented in the sleeveless tank and athletic shorts. He had very nearly worn her out this morning, and she would be lying if she wasn't tempted to return the favor, if he allowed it. She wasn't one to push beyond limits unless told/shown it was okay. Besides the fact she risked getting too attached. She had held back more than once from nearly reaching out to try to tough his mind this morning during their affair. Still not many ever heard her any way. The last to actually hear her was long gone but not forgotten.

"I wasn't expecting company tonight," Stephen said with a subtle feint of indifference, "but you can stick around if you like." He headed toward his sonic shower. "Would be just us, though."

**~~ If I didn't know better I would swear he was part Isisean, he plays better than most humans and he is on par with a few of the older 'Toms' I have met. I have to be careful around him. ~~** Devin thought to herself, as she set down her glass carefully and removed her jacket, then she pulled the pins from her braids and worked her hair free. After that she followed him towards the shower, noticing the courier containers and a few other things they were back ground now, her focus was on him. She smiled showing off her dimples and ran her hands lightly over his shoulders before tickling at the back of his neck and then down his back, lightly grazing her nails over the skin and fabric alike.

"Well, hey, you." Stephen smirked down at her. "Looks like you decided to call in that favor after all."

Devin smiled and winked her copper brown eye at him playfully, "More like celebrating my promotion with you and I do still owe you a favor. I only gave tidbits and nothing that is for the ship. So.." she trailed off lightly and ran her hands lightly up his back again until she reached his shoulders and she massaged them gently.

A rugged groan pressed from Stephen's tense muscles out through his mouth. "That's nice."

He turned around to take in the petite woman in all her purt glory. "Let's get to celebrating."

"To big breaks in your stories and to no dropping the ball in Intelligence." she said in light tones as she kept massaging his shoulders and neck with her nimble fingers, she titled her head up for a kiss if he was willing to give one.

Stephen kissed her soft and gentle. "Amen to that, sister."

Devin ran her fingers through his hair, she had no more words to add, only actions left to tell. The night was young and the private celebration was only beginning.



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